When it’s your time, no one can stop your shine. ✨

Pay attention. Not everyone who says that they love you, will love your growth. Some people love when you’re down bad, or when you’re stagnant, and depending on them. They don’t like you when you’re growing, working your vision, and happy, because it’s hard for them to keep a handle on you. They’re afraid of who you’ll become outside of them, so they won’t show love or support.

Instead, they’ll say, you switched up, or you changed. They don’t see that you changed for the better, and you’re working your vision, but it’s okay. Oftentimes, the people who don’t know you are the ones who support you the most! So, don’t get discouraged when not all your day ones support you from day one! Success reveals people character, but as long as you keep God as the head of what you’re doing, have pure intentions in the ways you handle business, keep love in your heart despite the hate you receive, and stay humble and focused in the midst of multiple weapons of distractions… you’ll be okay.

Let the dead leaves fall where they may, and get ready to branch into the fullness of your new season. It’s your time. Stand on God’s promises, work your dreams, and stay focused. What God has for you is for you, and there’s nothing a slick hater, naysayer, or imitator, or perpetrator, can do to stop this season of new beginnings and blessings from pouring down on you! 💜😘

Sending love.

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