What being saved means to me.

Being Saved for me, is about talking and walking with God on the daily. It’s about owning my imperfections because I am perfected in Christ, and by His blood alone. It’s about falling and getting back up, EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s about never giving up on God and the vision that He has given you concerning your life! It’s about trusting God’s will when it’s hard to understand, and when I want to be in my feelings.

It’s about holding my tongue, because my mouth is slick! It’s about exercising patience because sometimes I want what I want, and I want it now!! It’s about honoring God, instead of leaning to my own understanding and doing things my way. It’s about trusting God’s no, when I really, really want him to say, yes! Being Saved is a constant reminder of who I am and whose I am!

It’s about representing God at all times, because the world needs to see the light of Christ, especially during these times. I could say that being saved is easy breezy, but I’d be a liar. This journey is not for the weak, however, it’s not for the fast or strong either! It’s for those who endure until the end, and the only way to ENDURE is to be SECURED in Christ. Being Saved isn’t about boasting or bragging about myself, but to hold myself accountable for my actions at all times.

I’m FAR from perfect. I sin like everyone else, but I’m Saved by God’s grace! 🙌🏾 Sometimes, I need a reminder of who I am in Christ, so that I remember to walk it like I talk it! No 🧢!! So, if you’re like me, and you need a reminder of who you are in Christ, then get you someone or something, that will hold you accountable!

It’s the hoodie for me! 😊 

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