Time to heal. ♥️

Sometimes the hurt runs deep. A person’s childhood has a huge impact on the way that person thinks and reacts to the world around them. Healing can be hurtful, but it’s possible. It’s hurtful because you have to face some things you’d rather ignore, but through Christ, you can conquer the pains of your past! So, hug yourself, and imagine embracing your inner child, and tell yourself whatever it is that you need to hear in order to begin the healing process. Let yourself know, that you are loved, you are enough, it wasn’t your fault, and you’re going to be okay. Sometimes, we must give ourselves the closure that our hearts need. The journey to healing can be scary and lonely, but there’s no need to fear because you’re never alone. God is with you and He can use anything you’ve been through and turn those ashes into beauty. ♥️

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