But, Lord…

John 11:40

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

But, Lord?

Before I say anything, let me just say, Go read John 11. It’s powerful. It will change your perspective about many things and it will change your life. I’m going to touch on a few verses out of this chapter and hopefully help someone who’s feeling hopeless, disappointed or confused. This post is for those who can’t make sense of their current situation, and are finding themselves saying, “But, Lord.” “But, Lord, it’s too late.” “But, Lord, I don’t understand.” “But, Lord, why? … BUT… LORD.
You know what the Lord’s response is? The same response He gave Martha. “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” Like Martha, sometimes we see a dead end situation, but like Lazarus, Jesus can bring what was once dead, to life. All hope isn’t lost. Sometimes, we experience things that we have no control over, so that we will see the power of God. These things happen not to rob of us our faith, but to increase our faith. The same good God who is with us in the good times is also the good God who’s with us in the bad times. Different levels of our lives requires different levels of faith. You still have the same faith, just on a larger scale. One season may only require you to believe God for a sweet pea, another season may require you to believe Him for Lobster and steak (figuratively speaking of course). John 11:6 says, “So when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days.” Have you ever been in an urgent situation and God took His time? That’s because He already knows the outcome, just like He knew Lazarus sickness wouldn’t end in death. In John 11:11, Jesus said that Lazarus had fallen asleep, and He was going to wake him. His disciples thought He meant natural sleep, so Jesus clarified that Lazarus was dead, but like Jesus said, that sickness wouldn’t end in death. This could easily confuse one who uses human logic instead of spiritual discernment. We look at things from a physical perspective but we must get in the habit of seeing things from a spiritual standpoint. God promises are true. If He says, be obedient and you’ll become the lender and not the borrower, believe Him, even if you only have two cents in your bank account. Remember, that is not your end, remain obedient. If He has told you that He’s going to heal you, believe Him, no matter what the doctor’s report says. Do what you can to maintain your health and let God do the rest. Get a second opinion, third if you have to. You don’t have to receive anything God hasn’t spoken over your life. It’s all about what you believe. God may not come when you want Him to, but He is always on time. You may go through some things and you may not understand, and wonder why He allowed it, but it’s working for your good. Nothing is too hard for God, and He wants us to know that in any situation “I AM.” He alone is God. In John 11:23, Jesus told Martha, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha’s response was, she know that Lazarus would rise again in the resurrection on the last day. Then Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection, and the life.” Key words, I AM. Look to Him, folks. Ask God for understanding when He speaks to you, because His mind is infinite and our minds are limited and easily distracted. When things don’t manifest according to our timing, we easily begin to think there’s a disconnection between us and God, or we think that there was some form of miscommunication. It wasn’t either of these things. You heard right. What you’re going through is a test of your faith, but God never disappoints. Believe, and you will see the power of God.

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