Underneath the mistletoe. (Pt. 2)

Hey loves! This is part 2 of “Underneath the Mistletoe”. So make sure you’ve read part 1 first. Thanks. Enjoy!
The next morning, Fiona, her grandmother and Deandre got up bright and early to get a tree. Fiona and her grandmother cheered Deandre on as he cut down the six foot Blue Spruce. Deandre couldn’t help but blush, showing off his deep dimples and pearly white teeth. Fiona smiled back and imagined Deandre as a tall cup of hot chocolate. Her mind went elsewhere and she couldn’t hear her grandmother talking to her. “Fe. Fe! Fiona,” her grandmother yelled, while tapping Fiona’s shoulder. Fiona was licking her lips, but quickly snapped out of it when she felt her grandmother’s tap and yell. Deandre laughed and shook his head. Her grandmother pointed to Deandre’s truck and said, “Can you pull the truck up?” “Oh, yes ma’am. Sorry. I was uhm,” Fiona said before her grandmother cut her off. “We know, we know child. Fantasizing about hot chocolate. We heard you mumbling about it,” she said with a smile and patting Fiona on the back to hurry her off to go and get the truck. “I think that I’m going to go over to the cafe and get us all some hot chocolate. Do you still like yours the same way, with mini marshmallows and a pinch of cinnamon?” Fiona’s grandmother asked Deandre. “Yes, ma’am. I can’t believe you remember that,” he said. “Of course I remember. Fiona still drinks hers that way as well. I’ll be right back,” she told Deandre. Fiona pulled the truck up while Deandre was tying the rope around the tree. “Where did grandma go?” she asked. “Oh, just to get us hot chocolate,” Deandre said with grin. “Good, because it’s chilly out here. And what are you grinning for?” Fiona asked. “Nothing,” Deandre said, still smiling. Just then, Fiona’s grandmother walked up with a cup holder and three cups of hot cocoa. “Chilly? Child you’ve been living in NewYork for almost ten years. This South Carolina weather should feel good to you. Now here,” she said taking Fiona’s cup of hot chocolate out of the cup holder and handing it to her. “You look thirsty,” her grandmother said with a giggle. “Oh, really grandma. So, you have jokes?” Fiona said. “I’m just saying. You look more thirsty than chilly. Drink up,” she said with a smile. “Come on grandma, let’s get you in the truck,” Fiona said, as they headed back to the truck. Deandre walked behind them with the tree. On the way to Fiona’s grandmother’s house, her grandmother was writing a list of everything else she needed for Christmas. “I don’t want to overwhelm you all in one day, but we still need to shop for food and Christmas decorations. Maybe we can do that tomorrow. I know that the two of you may want to spend some quality time together. “Oh, no grandma. We’re fine,” Fiona said. “What do you need?” Her grandmother began to name all the food items and it was a lot. Instead of Deandre getting off at the exit to go home, he kept going and headed to the supermarket. “And you know your uncle is lactose intolerant, so we need to get him Lactaid milk. And your auntie is vegan now, child. She likes that oat milk,” her grandmother said, still talking about items she needed for Christmas. When they went inside the grocery store, they all split up, each taking a separate part of the list as they went to retrieve the food items. It took them thirty minutes to fill up each of their shopping carts. “Whew, grandma. This is a lot of Food,” Fiona said. “I know,” you must have forgotten how much your uncle and his family eats,” her grandmother joked. They went back to Fiona’s grandmother’s house and put up the groceries and the tree. “Grandma, if you want, we can all head back out and get the decorations for the yard and tree,” Fiona said. “Oh, no. Not today. I have a few things I need to do here, and I need to start on dinner. You two go ahead if you want,” her grandmother said. “Are you sure grandma? Are there any specific decorations you’d like?” Fiona asked. “Not really. Surprise me,” her grandmother said. Fiona and Deandre went to shop for decorations and came back later that night. When they got back, Fiona’s grandmother was asleep on the couch. Fiona placed her grandmother’s blanket over her and gave her a kiss. Then they began to decorate the tree and the inside of the house. After that, they went outside and decorated the yard. By this time, it was almost midnight. Fiona’s grandmother woke up and saw how beautiful her home and Christmas tree was with all the nice holiday decorations. She opened her door and when she did, Deandre was plugging the lights in, and the whole yard lit up. Her grandmother couldn’t believe it. “Oh, my goodness,” she smiled with her hand over her heart. “This is beautiful. Everything, is so beautiful. Thank you, both of you, so much.” She walked down the steps on the porch and into the yard where Deandre and Fiona was. Then she stood between them and held each of their hands, as they all admired the lights. “This will definitely be a Christmas that I’ll never forget,” her grandmother said. “Well, you definitely won’t forget that light bill. That’s for sure,” her neighbor Harold said, crossing over into Fiona’s grandma’s yard. “It looks nice though,” he said. “Mr. Harold. Hi. You still live here?” Fiona asked. Fiona gave him a hug. “Hey, Fiona. Yes, I’m still here. I’m hardly ever at home, but yes. I’m still here. I heard you were coming home, so I came by to say hello. I just came back home myself. I was on a cruise,” Harold said. “A cruise, Mr. Harold? With who?” Fiona asked. “Well, I tried to get your grandmother to come with me, but she turned me down. So, I went by myself,” he said. They all laughed. “Grandma, you still turning Mr. Harold down? It’s been at least two decades since he’s been asking you out,” Fiona said. “I don’t pay Harold any attention,” her grandmother said. “Come on, let’s go inside. It’s cold out here,” she told Fiona. “Bye Harold. Bye Deandre and thanks for everything. Love you,” her grandmother said. “Yes, thanks for everything,” Fiona said to Deandre. “No problem, I love y’all too,” Deandre said. “Goodnight Mr. Harold,” Fiona said. “Goodnight Fiona. Love you Cat,” Harold said to Fiona’s grandmother. “Go home Harold,” Fiona’s grandmother said.

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