I love watching the sunset whether I’m driving home from a busy day, sitting on the patio getting some peace of mind or sharing the view at the beach with loved ones. The sunset always reminds me to take time to find the beauty in life. The most beautiful things in life can’t be bought, God gave it to us for free. I marvel at all of his creation from the sand on the beach to the birds in the air. He said it best in Genesis. “It was very good.” Watching the sunset is one of the very good things that I love about life. Watching it is like a reward to me. No matter how my day has been or what I am going through, it makes me appreciate the priceless things in life like the gift of life, love, family, nature and peace of mind. Watching the sunset is my mini getaway/vacation and although I may gaze upon it for a brief moment, I’m completely captured in time.

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