Shubricca L Bell PODCAST

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The Shubricca L Bell podcast is an UPLIFT podcast, which is not only what this podcast does, but the acronym was designed to provide listeners with understanding, purpose, love, inspiration, faith, and transformation.

This podcast is designed to give you what you need throughout the day!

In the morning, listen to Mind Right Affirmations, to help kick start your morning and get you through the day!

During the afternoon, take a spiritual boost of Mind Right Meditation, where we meditate on God’s Word concerning our lives. It is sure to keep your heart and mind in check for the rest of the day!

During the evening, listen to one of the many short stories, while relaxing at home during a bubble bath, or sitting outside on your porch beneath the sunset.

At bedtime, listen to a relaxing short story that is sure to take you to dream land in no time, so that you not only sleep peacefully, but wake up well rested and ready to take on the next day!

Hey, if you want, you can listen to any of these whenever you want and wherever you want! That’s the beauty of listening to this podcast- it’s giving what you need, and when you need it!

So, head over to Spotify, Apple podcast, and more- to get your spirit UPLIFTED today!