Mind right affirmation 7: God gives me the mind and will power to do what’s right.

It’s easy to be kind and compassionate to those who are kind and compassionate to us but being the light of Christ means we must be kind and compassionate to everyone, including those who we feel are undeserving of our grace. God gives grace to us, so we must extend the same grace to others….

A breakup may hurt, but it can also be a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, the hardest part about going through a breakup is knowing that you compromised way too much of yourself. Although it may hurt, it’s a blessing in disguise, because it’s a reminder that you must take care of yourself first. Your peace of mind is of the upmost importance. You must also learn to set…

A good wife, part 6 (final part): Reno

And we are back for the final episode of A good wife. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short story! Stay tuned as more drama unfolds in part 6! Happy listening! 😄

Caged in: The problem with living in defense mode.

Living in defense mode gives a false sense of security. Instead of protecting yourself from your fears, you’re actually caging yourself in with them. By getting out of your own head, being truthful with yourself, and facing your fears, you can break the chains that binds you to past traumas. When faced with a situation…

A good wife: A short story (part 4)

Daniella and Shamar both has a secret. Things takes a turn for the worse when Shamar receives several threatening phone calls and ends up with a concussion.

New book alert. A must read for single women.

Sometimes as women, we over compromise ourselves and sacrifice so much in relationships, that when we become single, it’s hard to understand who we are outside of being attached to someone. We can be oblivious of how to be single, so oftentimes, we settle… Instead of waiting on Mr. Right, we settle for Mr. Right…