Fires and burns. Part 3 (Final)

A couple of weeks later, trouble began to brew in paradise, between Lexi and Carson. Lexi had kept it cool in the presence of Kane, but his words cut deep. Kane’s words had reached a place they once held residence. His words made Lexi question her worth. She started to doubt that Carson could truly…

Fires and burns: part 2 

Let me go… A couple of days went by, and Kane found himself at a witch house. Kane is a Voodoo veteran, but he wanted to make sure that whatever he put on Lexi, would stick this time. The witch had direct contact with certain spirits, and Kane was sure that the spell would work….

Don’t let social media steal your joy.

Don’t you dare, wake up, hop on social media, and start comparing other people’s lives to yours! I rebuke that spirit of depression and hopelessness in the name of Jesus! Instead of being down, get up and glorify God for where you are in life, and what you have! You’re blessed and NOT cursed! The…

Fires and burns 

Part 1 On my momma. “Well looka here. What do we have here?” Kane said, while scrolling through the Gram, and stopping on a video of his children’s mother, Lexi. She was showcasing a huge diamond on her ring finger. Then a man came up behind her, hugging her waist, and kissing her on the…


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