Sanford business owner overcomes financial challenges of COVID-19

Robert Glenn, owner of NC Wings and Things in Sanford said his business has taken a financial hit during COVID-19. COVID-19 has left a financial strain on individuals all over the world, but some could argue no one has been hit hard financially, as small business owners have.  Some small business owners were forced to…

Tonight’s prayer

God give my heart peace. Give my mind rest, and give my soul a refill of your Holy Spirit. I thank you for listening to my prayers and responding in love and faithfulness. You’re a great God. I can always count on you.  You’re a God who cannot fail. You’re the God who knows my…

Miracle Beans: Part 5 (final part) 

A little birdie It’s December 24, and although it’s Christmas Eve, a time of joy, festivities and last minute shopping for many, Black Mountain was saddened. The only people who were popping champagne and celebrating, were the commercial real estate investors, who saw Miracle Beans as an opportunity expand Black Mountain. These investors weren’t interested…

Miracle Beans: Part 4

Part 4  It’s not my problem  The Black Mountain community was good about keeping the Go Fund Me, for the Osbornes a secret. The Osbornes posted that their last day open would be December 20, which was two days away. Linda decided to call Joseph, the Osbornes son; he hadn’t been home in ten years….


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