Heal, grow, love. Doing the self work required to sustain a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Too many people are getting into relationships prematurely, and wonder why the relationship won’t grow! It’s because you haven’t grown ma’am or sir!

Whatever personal issues you have will bleed into the relationship, if you have not done the work to heal.

You’re still operating from a place of trauma and wonder why your relationship is in the ICU… come on… be for real.

Two broken people don’t make a whole…

If you come into a relationship broken, don’t be surprised if you leave with a broken heart.

If you come into a relationship with a cloudy vision, you will make poor decisions, because you can’t see past the storms of your traumas.

You must work on yourself first. YOU must do the work. 

People shouldn’t have to build-a-bae with you! It doesn’t matter how fine you are, or what you bring to the table!

People can’t do the self work for you! They have their own issues that they’re trying to sort through, they don’t need your baggage too! 

Expecting someone to give you what you have not given yourself is insane! 

It’s giving delusional.

If you’re wondering why you keep attracting the same type of person, it’s because you keep operating in the same spirit…

If you want different, change your mindset.

Heal- accept what happened. Take accountability for your actions. Forgive the person who wronged you. FORGIVE YOURSELF. SEEK GOD and allow HIM to lead you, and stop being mislead by your feelings.

Grow- accept that the healing process will hurt, but it will get better. Make better decisions- logical decisions and not emotional decisions. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus, meaning be lead by His Spirit, focus on your purpose and not temporary gratification that produces no fruit. Accept your flaws and change what you can; accept what you can’t and give God those things you cannot control.

When you do these things, you are ready to truly love. ❤️

*** To begin your self work/healing journey, check out my book, ”How to let go and let God. Link is below.***

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