Kiss me on New Year’s Day. A pomegranate proposal. (Part 3)

Hey y’all! We made it to part three before the new year, yay! This is the final part! As I close this chapter of this story, my prayer is that new beginnings awaits you in the most beautiful way! May your dreams manifest, and God opens the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing that you won’t have room to receive it! Overflow shall be ours! Let’s make this our declaration in 2023! To good health, love, joy, peace, and prosperity! In Jesus name! 

Happy 2023 and happy reading!

Part 3: A pomegranate proposal 

Every day since Christmas, Whitney and Andre has spent time together. The day after Christmas, they went ice skating. The next day they went to see Holiday lights at the Botanical Garden. The following day, the two went on a double date with Mariah and Robbie. The next day, Whitney had a party to celebrate her embarking on a new journey. She decided that she would begin the podcast after all. 

During her party, Todd showed up without an invite. He gifted Whitney with some studio equipment for her podcast. Todd was great at giving Whitney gifts to persuade her to stick around, but this time, he didn’t. He told her that he wish her much success, and he believed in her. He didn’t ask her for another chance, as he often did. 

He wished her well, and he left. 

Whitney was glad that Todd wasn’t up to his old ways, by trying to buy her affection back. Maybe he had grown in the last week. Maybe it was the holidays, or a new year that was less than three days away, that made Todd want to change his ways.

“So, that’s Todd, huh?” Andre said. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I did not invite him, but I can’t be mad about the studio equipment,” Whitney said. “You don’t have to apologize. I’m pretty sure that he’s the one who’s sorry right now,” Andre said.

“Why would he be sorry?” Whitney said, in a curious tone. “Because, he just fumbled the most beautiful woman in the world,” Andre said. “Awww. Andre, thank you. That’s so sweet,” Whitney said. “I meant it,” Andre said.

That night, the two danced, and even showed off their dance moves from early 2000’s Hip Hop. 

“Aaaye, we still got it bestie,” Whitney said, as she “leaned and rocked,” to the Dem Franchise Boyz. “Yeah, we do,” Andre said.

The next day, the two went to an art museum and dinner. With every day that passed, the two got closer and closer. The chemistry was there, and the love was for certain.

On New years Eve, Andre took Whitney back to his uncle’s pomegranate farm, where he’d set up a projector for them to watch some of their college memories together. A few minutes before the new year, Andre got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney.

“Whitney, you’re my best friend, my ride or die, my rock, and most importantly, the love of my life. I’ve seen what it’s like spending a decade without you, and I don’t want to spend another day without you in my life. The past two weeks with you has only confirmed what I know for certain. I want you to be my wife. Whitney Shante Morgan, will you marry me?” “Oh, my gosh. What? Yes! Oh my goodness, of course,” Whitney cried. Then a host of family and friends came outside to congratulate the couple, including Mariah and Robbie.

Andre put the ring on Whitney’s finger while the countdown began. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, sex, five, four, three, two, one. Happy New Year!” everyone shouted. Fireworks went in the air, and everyone toasted.

“You forgot something,” Whitney said. “What?” Andre said. “Kiss me for the new year, silly,” Whitney said. Andre smiled, and then they kissed! A year later, they were married, and a year after that, they bought a house and had twins.

Andre moved back home, and opened a law firm. Whitney’s podcast was doing well, and the couple continued to live happily ever after.

The End.


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