Kiss me on New year’s day. A pomegranate proposal. (Part 2)

Hey y’all, and I’m back like I never left! I’m trying to wrap up this short story before the New year (fingers crossed). I just love the idea of a New Year’s love story on New Year’s Eve. I’m going to wrap things up in part 3, so stay tuned! I hope you’re enjoying thus far! Without further ado, here’s part two! Happy reading!

Part 2: The tea

Whitney and Mariah was on their morning jog, when they took a moment to rest on the park bench. 

“So, spill the beans. What happened with you and Andre last night?” Mariah said.

“Nothing. We just talked,” Whitney said, with a blush. 

“Girl please, I called you three times, and every time, it went to your voicemail. You don’t ever send me to voicemail. Did you have your phone on do not disturb?” Mariah said.

“If I did, it didn’t stop you from calling, now did it,” Whitney joked. “Ouuu see! I knew it! Girl let’s go to the cafe because you gotta give me the tea! 

The two friends went across the street to the coffee shop. Whitney ordered a smoothie, and Mariah ordered a green tea.

“It’s good to see that you’re not stress eating and drinking this morning. I mean, that’s a good sign. Is it because you let off some steam in a good way, last night?” Mariah said.

“Girl, no. Get your mind out of the gutter. I told you that we just talked, and we may have watched some Holiday movies and cuddled- a friendly cuddle, but that’s it. Nothing else. It was just good to spend time with my best friend again,” Whitney said. 

Mariah cleared her throat. “I mean, other best friend. You know what I mean,” Whitney said. “Yeah, don’t forget. I’ve been here since Pre-K,” Mariah said. “Yeah, and you left right after high school, following behind ya lil boyfriend.” 

“Aht,” Mariah said, holding up her ring finger. “Husband, you mean,” she said, flashing her diamond ring. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Whitney laughed. “Yeah, put some respect on his name, ma’am. And ain’t nothing lil about him. It’s real big energy, okay?” Mariah said.

“Umm TMI,” Whitney said. “I’m just saying,” Mariah said. “Well don’t say no more. He is my brother,” Whitney said.  “Alright, fine,” Mariah said.

“Mimi, do you think that I made the right decision ten years ago, choosing my career over Andre? I mean, you followed your heart and now you and Robbie are happily married and both of you are in your dream careers. I followed the bag, and although it’s great, I’m still lonely.

I’ve found myself over compromising myself way too much in relationships, especially with Todd. I can’t believe I wasted the past few years of my life on him. My good years too!

In two years I’ll be thirty, and..” “And what,” Mariah said. “And I just thought I’d be married with at least one kid by now. I want that. I want a big family; you know that. I’ve been the same since we were kids. 

I want a husband, kids, a dog, a house- nice size yard, I want all that, but now I’m at a crossroad in my career. I’m embarking on a new journey, and I know that I said I had a plan before, but I don’t, and I’m scared, sis. My life is not going according to my plans at all,” Whitney said.

“Girl, life rarely goes according to plan. If there wasn’t any twists, turns, and surprises in life, you’d be living a dream, literally. But just because things doesn’t go according to plan, doesn’t mean life is over. You just have to adjust to your new norm. That doesn’t mean get comfortable with it, it just means you may have to come up with a new plan. 

You can’t be afraid to keep starting over until you get it right. Look how many times I’ve opened up a business before finally opening the right one. It’s a process. We learn as we go. 

Following your brother to Denver ten years ago, was the scariest and yet the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I followed my heart, and did what I thought was best at the time. You did the same thing, and don’t ever regret it. What’s for you, is for you, and no one can mess that up. You hear me?” Mariah said, before grabbing Whitney’s hand. 

“Thanks Bestie,” Whitney said. “I love you girl. You know that I have your back. Girl, thank God your brother landed a promotion back here because Denver Winters are cold. Beautiful, but cold. I couldn’t wait to get back to South Carolina,” Mariah said.

“Anyway, enough about Denver. Don’t think I’m letting you off easy. You’re going to tell me what really went down last night,” she said. “You’re just nosey for no reason,” Whitney said, while shaking her head.

“The only thing that I didn’t tell you is that, he’s in town for the Holidays. He took two weeks off to spend time with his family. He said that lately he’s realized the importance of family and how the money isn’t bringing him the fulfillment he thought it would. Which I told him that I could totally relate to. 

He said that he misses the love and joy of family and he’s trying to get back to it,” Whitney said.

“Hmm. You know what he’s really saying, right?” Mariah said.

“That he misses his family,” Whitney said, in an obvious tone. “Well yeah, but he also sees you as his family, Whitney. 

He may have came back to spend the holidays with his family, but he also came back for you. Why else would he be waiting for you to come home, and staying up all night talking to you?” Mariah said.

“If it was just about coming home, he would have been at home, instead, he was with you,” she said. “I don’t know. You know how the holidays have people all nostalgic. Maybe he’s just taking a trip down memory lane and wanting to catch-up. I mean, we were best friends and we share a lot of memories. 

Remember our homecoming photoshoot we did at his uncle’s pomegranate farm?” Whitney said. “How can I forget, you have the picture in your living room, and on your nightstand. The picture you sent me and your brother ten years ago, is in our guest room, at your request. But y’all were cute in your little burgundy and gold,” looking like Christmas,” Mariah said, before sipping her tea. 

 “I know, and he invited me to Christmas dinner at his uncle’s farm. I don’t know if I should go though,” Whitney said. “Wait, he invited you to Christmas dinner as in two days?” Mariah said. “Yes, girl,” Whitney said. “Oh, well we need to go. 

We need to go shopping. We need to find you something to wear,” Mariah said. “Girl, I have plenty of clothes,” Whitney said. “Okay, fine, I just want to go shopping, but I need an excuse as to why, so when your brother ask, I can blame it on you. Come on, let’s go. My treat,” Mariah said. “Girl, you are too much,” Whitney said with a laugh.

A couple of days later, Whitney arrived to Andre’s uncle’s house for Christmas dinner. The pomegranate farm was as beautiful as she remembered. It was good to have dinner, and share laughs and memories with him and his family again. Whitney felt at home. Andre always has given her that at home feeling whenever she was with him.


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