Count your blessings, not your problems. |Breaking free from the confinement of what it means to be blessed.

When we experience difficulties, it can be hard to see the blessing in the storm. Sometimes, the blessing we’re looking for, isn’t the blessing we need; it’s about utilizing the blessings we have. Being faithful with what we have and where we are in life will cause God to show up for us when we least expect it, and in ways we’ve never imagined, with no limits.

Sometimes we put ourselves in confinement of what it means to be blessed. We’re so busy counting our problems that we can’t see the blessings. Our minds quickly go to human logic and our own understanding of how we can break free from an uncomfortable situation based on what we believe our blessing should be. Sometimes our blessing isn’t in what we want to receive, it’s in making the most of what we have. Once our mindset is set free from the prison of what we consider being blessed means, it will become easier to be open to receive the more that God has for us, without being boxed in by our own understanding, circumstances, and abilities.

I was reading about a woman who blessed another woman with some money, just because. The woman who was blessed wasn’t asking for money, she was actually looking for a date.

The young woman was telling the other woman (a radio personality) how she worked fast food and she had two kids, but she works overtime and she makes it work. The young woman is twenty one years old, and she has two kids. She was saying that she’s been on her own since she was eighteen, and although she doesn’t have the best job right now, she was saying that she’s actively working towards bettering herself, and she envisions herself as doing very well in the future.

The young woman wasn’t asking for a pitty party in regards to where she is in life, in fact, she is okay with where she is, and she is doing the best with what she has. She is being the best mom that she can be, and she puts her kids needs before her own.

The young woman’s story touched the woman who she was talking to, and she was blessed with five hundred dollars. They were on a live, and the Spirit moved on the broadcaster to bless the young lady and other people began sending her money. Come to find out, her kids have birthdays right after Christmas, and the young lady needed the extra money.

I went through the comments to see what people were saying, and one lady was saying how she and her kid sleeps in a car, and the father of the kid is dead, and how she’s had this terrible life. The lady was saying that she had reached out to the radio personality who blessed the other lady with help, because she too needed help. The woman was basically downing the young lady who received money because she said that the lady didn’t really need it because she wasn’t really struggling like she was. The lady in the comments complained that people only try to give her resources or say they’ll pray for her, but she said she hasn’t received any financial help.

I took away a few things from this situation.

1. Sometimes what we’re looking for isn’t necessarily what we need. We must be open to the many ways God can bless us.

If we’re too focused on what the blessing should look like, according to what’s in our head, we’ll overlook the blessing in our face, or we won’t appreciate it as much.

The young lady came on the live looking for what she thought she needed, but God came through and blessed her in a different way.

When you are open to how God can bless you, you take limits off of who God is, and can be to you.

God is bigger than the small box of ideas floating around in our heads of how much better our lives would be if we had this, or that.

2. We must learn to utilize the blessings we have instead of complaining and coveting someone else’s blessings.

The second woman (in the comments) stated that she was doing way worse than the first young lady and complained that no one will not contribute to her financial needs. She complained that people only offered information and or prayers, and she was not happy about that.

My heart goes out to the woman in the comments, because clearly she is hurting, she feels alone, and she feels like no one cares. With that being said, information and prayers are more valuable than money, if you receive them. This is coming from someone who knows what it means to struggle and have plenty.

As the Bible says in Philippians 4:12-13, “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Accepting information could be the blessing you need to give yourself the knowledge to better your situation. It could pay off more in the end, than someone giving you money that you’d potentially run through and be right back at square one again. Sometimes, we don’t need the “blessing” we think we need, we need self-discipline, and accountability. I’m speaking from life experience, because I’ve been in situations where the blessing I wanted couldn’t fix my real issue. I had to learn some self control, self discipline, and take accountability for my own actions. There came a time when blaming someone else got old, and I had to put on my big girl drawls and stop allowing what someone did or didn’t do to or for me, to cause me to live a life of confinement. Confined by my past traumas, disappointments, and shortcomings, and limiting the ways that God can bless me based on my own experiences and limitations.

I was saddened that the woman in the comments didn’t won’t prayers, she wanted money, and although I was sad, I understood. She had a certain way of what it means for her to be blessed in her mind, and she couldn’t see anything else. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’ve been there. I didn’t want the cliche quotes and I didn’t want people to say positive things, I needed the blessing in my mind to manifest, and I was tired of waiting. Something dark happened when I lost my optimism about the future, and I didn’t want people to speak goodness to me. I started feeling alone, and I felt like I was drifting away from God. I didn’t like that feeling because I felt hopeless. I now realize that I was telling God that only “the blessing” could fix my situation, and He couldn’t. I had to repent for that.

Prayer can get you a long way. It can get you through some things that money cannot, but we must stop equating our blessings to financial value alone. Sometimes our blessing is in talking to God and having a heart to hear Him (being open to how He decides to bless you) which is essentially what prayer is.

3. Be faithful with what you have, and be a blessing to other people without expecting anything in return.

The broadcaster who blessed the young woman is known for blessing people when the Spirit of God moves on her to do so, and God continues to enlarge her territory because it’s not just about her being blessed, but she has a heart for other people. She has a heart to serve.

The young mother works hard to provide for her and her kids without complaining about her current situation or expecting people to give her money. You could actually see in the video that she was content with her life but she was working towards the betterment of her future. No one could shame her about where she was in life, because she was not ashamed. She was genuine, and she was optimistic about her future, and I believe that’s what prompted people to give.

4. Be mindful of where your heart is, when you are going through.

When we have a heart of gratitude, and count our blessings instead of comparing and complaining about our blessings, it shows God what we really care about. It shows Him that we can be trusted with little and He will in turn bless us with more. If our heart isn’t set on God during the bad times, we will forget who He is in the good times, and that’s not good, because if God isn’t our solid foundation in the beginning, when those storms hit, everything will crumble.

There are worse things we as people can lose than money.

5. We must learn to celebrate other people’s blessings.

Just because someone receives the blessings you want, doesn’t mean that person is undeserving or that God has run out of ways to bless you! Again, keep an open mind! Don’t be selfish, because it’s hard to receive a blessing with a closed mind and heart. You’ll constantly overlook it, because it doesn’t match up with the only possible ways for you to be blessed according to your ways of thinking.

We must remember, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. Neither are His ways our ways!

He can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think!

Are you open to what that could mean?

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