The sudden urge to cry | How being strong for so long can take its toll on your mental health.

Transparency moment, and by no means am I an expert in matters regarding mental health. I’m just going by the things I’ve personally experienced, as well as things I’ve witnessed other people go through.

Being strong for so long can be tough.

Lately, I’ve been getting sudden urges to cry. It happens at least once a week, twice at the most but it’s noticeable. The crazy thing is, I think that I’m fine, but I can’t ignore these urges. It’s like my body is saying, “hey we are NOT okay!”

Usually when I get these urges, I do not cry, but tonight I did, and I did because I got some encouraging words from a total stranger. The woman wrote the words of encouragement five years ago, in response to another person who was battling the sudden urge to cry. The words that she said resonated so much, that I couldn’t do anything but cry.

I believe it was an angel speaking to me.

Let me tell you how I found these words of encouragement, or how they found me. Reminder, these words were written five years ago.

He’s an on time God.

As I said earlier, I’ve been getting these urges lately, so like my fellow human, I went to Google to see what was wrong with me. The first thing that I saw was that it’s anxiety and depression, which I don’t deny, because I know that I’ve been anxious lately, but I also know that depression has been silent- because I have to be strong.

The “strong” I speak of has nothing to do with being prideful, it’s more about keeping myself together so that other people won’t fall apart.

I’m the person who uplifts and prays for other people, not just on social media, but in real life. When I’m going through, I encourage other people, and I get joy from that, but sometimes, I’m not okay.

I keep getting off track, but back to the story. So, after seeing that it could be depression and anxiety, I scrolled down to where someone wrote, “Why do I keep getting the urge to cry?” I was like, hey, I’m going through the exact same thing, so I clicked the link.

I went to the comment section of the site that I was on, because I needed answers!

I received so much more!

The woman (who is a mental therapist by the way) shared her words of encouragement by saying (I’m paraphrasing):

Maybe you’re getting these urges because you’ve been holding a lot in. You’ve been strong for so long, and you’re getting these urges because some things need to come out. It’s okay to cry. Go ahead and shed a tear or two to get things out, but know that you will be okay. Keep living. Life without problems and difficulties isn’t life. You are going to go through things but know that you will be okay, I assure you.

Again, I paraphrased, but that’s what my spirit received. I shed a couple of tears after that, because yes, everything that was said was true, but also because I am one hundred percent certain that this was God talking to me.

I truly feel like an angel guided me to that message, and although it was written five years ago, it was for me.

It’s a testament to me, of how God is always on time. Someone needed that encouragement five years ago, but those words were just as refreshing today.

Those words did my soul, good.

In closing, I just want to say that God is never too late. What I just witnessed was a personal reminder that the things I’m worried about or the challenges that I face, God already has a solution for it. He been had a solution for it, and it’s only a matter of time before I walk into it.

Those words of encouragement from a total stranger was written five years ago, but I walked into it today.

I felt heard.

Thank you God.

I also thanked the woman and told her just how much her words uplifted my spirit.

This is also a reminder that when the people you want to be there for you can’t, God will use a stranger to bless you, just to let you know He hears you.

God cares about the issues of your heart. You are never alone. ❤️


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