Caged in: The problem with living in defense mode.

Living in defense mode gives a false sense of security. Instead of protecting yourself from your fears, you’re actually caging yourself in with them. By getting out of your own head, being truthful with yourself, and facing your fears, you can break the chains that binds you to past traumas.

When faced with a situation that triggers our trauma, oftentimes we use old coping mechanisms to deal with new situations… but just because you may have an old way of handling uncomfortable situations, fearful situations, or uncertainties, doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy, because we will allow our past to keep us from a present blessing, all in the name of protecting our heart, but that’s not protecting your heart, it’s actually caging you in!

We get so easily triggered by things that we don’t fully understand. All we know is that, we’re triggered. So, immediately you go into defense mode, for no real reason other than, the scenario that’s playing in your head. Now for a past trauma, the situation may have rang true, but that doesn’t mean that you’re reliving your past, every time you go through something that makes you feel a certain type of way, like you did in the past. Don’t allow your past to keep you bound to the chains of your past, every time you go through something scary, or something that you don’t fully understand.

Defense mode will have you playing tit for tat- being petty. You’ll pretend that you’re unbothered, meanwhile you really give two f’s… You really do, but you’re protecting yourself, right? Wrong.

The trouble with pretending you don’t care when you really do is, you may be trying to show a person or people that you have thick skin, thinking it’s going to teach them a lesson or even hurt them, but you’re really hurting yourself in the process. How? Because you’re not being truthful with your own self! 

We don’t realize it, but when we’re constantly in defense mode, we are actually caging ourselves into our fears, insecurities, or traumas. That cage doesn’t help us face our problems, it makes us hold on to the problems, and the safety we feel isn’t keeping us safe at all, it’s keeping us comfortable and stuck, because we’re used to carrying that baggage.

In order to set yourself free from the bondage of your past, you must come out of defense mode, and face your fears. I get it, it can be scary. You don’t want to get hurt, and fear keeps telling you all the negative what ifs…

If you want more out of life- more peace, more happiness, more healthy relationships, and a true sense of security, stop being afraid. Don’t be afraid, get out of your head, and be truthful with yourself, because although there’s a chance that things could go wrong, there’s also a chance that things could go right, and by breaking out of your own cage, you could experience, one of the biggest blessings if not the biggest blessing, of your life. ❤️

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