New book alert. A must read for single women.

Sometimes as women, we over compromise ourselves and sacrifice so much in relationships, that when we become single, it’s hard to understand who we are outside of being attached to someone.

We can be oblivious of how to be single, so oftentimes, we settle…

Instead of waiting on Mr. Right, we settle for Mr. Right now, because it “feels” better.

We stay in situationships allowing people to overstep our boundaries because the feeling of having somebody, feels better than having nobody… We can never truly heal like this, and instead of receiving the man God has for us, we will stay in a repeated cycle of dead end relationships, if we don’t learn how to be single.

Being single doesn’t have to feel like a curse. If you know how to actually be single, it can be a blessing.

I wrote an affirmation book titled, Take Care: Daily Affirmations for the single woman.

This affirmation book helps single women affirm who they are in Christ, and the world around them. It teaches women how to stand firm in their boundaries, their truth, and their femininity.

This book highlights what it means to be that Proverbs 31 woman, and teaches the groundwork required, to becoming a good wife.

Get your copy by clicking the link below.

Get your copy here.

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