Relationship status: “It’s complicated.” | Situationships and that gray area they come with.


Have you ever been in one? Basically it’s that “it’s complicated” type of situation. Situationships can hit harder than real relationships when you finally decide that being comfortably uncomfortable, just ain’t it.

The thing that some people like about situationships is, you can have full access to a person without a full commitment. The problem with this is, somebody is going to catch feelings, and catching feelings is a Nono for someone who’d rather keep the relationship undefined, so that they can continue to casually date and possibly have a door open for “the one” to come in.

You see, when you agree to a situationship, you are also acknowledging the fact that at any time, the person who you are investing your energy in, can decide to get into a serious relationship with someone else or even marry someone else. A lot of people get in these “situations” and don’t think about that. Then when this does happen, the person is broken hearted because they thought that they’d be the one but a person is not going to commit to you if you don’t require it.

You must set boundaries, no matter how much you love someone, and no matter how hard sticking to those boundaries is. If you don’t set a standard, they will set it for you, and if you allow them, they will lowball you- know your worth.

If you want a real relationship, then don’t settle for less. A person knows if they want to be with you for real for real, or if they only enjoy certain benefits of you. If you’ve been in a situationship for several months or years and you want more, but every time you bring it up, the other person makes excuses as to why they don’t want to be in a relationship, or they change the subject, or they get short tempered with you… they don’t really like you like that.

Only you can decide your worth. If you don’t, be prepared to be short changed.

Some people simply grow apart. There is nothing wrong with you growing out of the phase of being in a situationship, and wanting a relationship that’s meaningful.

No one wants to be in a one sided relationship where you are fully committed to them, and they’re out here single single… meanwhile you are literally putting your life on hold.

It’s too much confusion… and we all know what confusion is of…

If they can’t give you clarity, then let go… at least you’ll have some peace.

Sometimes, you just have to choose yourself, and in the words of Usher, “gotta let it burn.”

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