Show up for you… even when they don’t: How to deal with inconsistency in a relationship, giving people the space they need, and being ghosted.

When a person becomes inconsistent, unsure about you, or needs some space… don’t get mad, don’t try to convince them of how great you are, don’t stress about why they’re suddenly trippin’, and don’t put your life on hold waiting for them to figure things out. Always choose yourself first. Your peace of mind, emotional heath, and total well being comes first.

Sometimes people have certain insecurities, fears, and trauma issues, that keeps them from reciprocating the love you give to them.

People can’t give you what they don’t know how to give themselves.

Sometimes people are manipulative, and they breadcrumb you, meanwhile they are giving someone else the emotional support you need from them.

Sometimes people have been hurt so much in the past, that it’s comfortable to be in a toxic relationship/environment, so when you come along bringing peace and emotional stability, it scares them and they run to the hills.

The important thing to remember whenever someone switches up on you is, to remember who you are. You know that you were genuine with that person. You know yourself- your strengths and weaknesses. You know that the source of your happiness isn’t contingent upon someone’s love for you, but your love for yourself and being a light in this world. You love yourself in and out. You know what you bring to the table…

So, if they want to peace out… let them. If they need space, give it to them… let them be free as a bird.

As for you, take the time to figure out what you want. Do you even like the person for real? Are you only with them because they are good at keeping you from facing a deeper trauma?

Don’t ever become so dependent on a person that you need them to feel secure, happy, or whole… Figure out who you are outside of that person and learn to show up for YOU… whether that person or people, decide to stay in your life, or not. ❤️

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Sometimes we grow together, sometimes we grow apart, but how blessed are those who decide to grow in love than out of it.

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