A prayer for anyone who has lost motivation and needs direction.

Father God, in Jesus name, we come to you with what we have. Some of us have disappointments, lost dreams, frustration, confusion, and weariness, but despite our troubles, we put our hope in you.

If anyone can turn pain into purpose, it’s you.

If anyone can turn struggle into success, it’s you.

If anyone can turn fear into faith, it’s you, and if anyone can take us from depression to destiny- it’s you.

Father we thank you for knowing the desires of our heart. Thank you for knowing the plans you have for us. Thank you for being who you are, despite our shortcomings and limited understanding of who you truly are.

You’re a great God, and have great things in store for your people.

We may not always understand what we go through today, but tomorrow we will- it’s working for our good.

We pray for your direction, Father.

We pray that you remove any self doubt and fear, and help us to walk by faith.

Lead us on the path of righteousness and into our destiny.

We declare that we will see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living- in Jesus name. Amen.

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