When life gets you down, level up your faith. | Don’t allow your problems to cause you to question the power of God.

When we go through, it’s easy to ask God why, but don’t allow your situation to cause you to question who God is. God is still God, in our good and bad times. When the problems of life gets you down, it’s time to level up your faith.

Stop questioning who God is, every time you go through something. God is God, despite what you go through. The situation may be big to you, but God is bigger. If every time you go through something, you threaten to throw in the towel, it’s not a God issue, it’s a faith issue.

Level up your faith.

No one said that life would be easy, but God promised that, He will never leave you.

The problem is, all too often we’re looking at the problem and not resting in God. Our minds are going what feels like a million miles a second, about things that (most of the times) we have no control over.

Instead of allowing anxiety and fear to rob you of your peace, rest.
Rest in our Savior, knowing that all things will work for the good.

Sometimes your situation isn’t changing because you don’t have the faith. Remember, faith without works is dead, and we walk by faith not by sight.
Put your faith into action right now and stop waiting until your situation looks right.

Stop questioning who God is, every time you have a bad break.

God can use what you think is your breaking point, to lead you to your breakthrough, but you have to trust Him.

For more insight, read my book, ”How to let go and let God.” Click the link below.

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