A bad morning doesn’t have to end with a bad day.

Your response sets the mood for your day. Remaining hopeful, optimistic, prayerful, and faithful can make a difference in the outcome of your day. When things are out of your control, let go and let God.

When your day begins with difficulties, don’t go through the day saying that you’re having a bad day. Say, today has been a challenge, but with God I’m getting through it!

It’s not about what you go through, it’s what you respond to, and how you respond. Just because you’ve had a bad experience, doesn’t mean you have to carry bad energy throughout your day. Remain hopeful, remain optimistic, remain prayerful, and remain faithful.

Our faith isn’t measured by what we do on the good days and in the good times, it’s measured by our response to the difficulties, the uncertainties, and the things we don’t understand.

In the difficulties, especially when things are out of your hands, learn to let go and let God. This means trusting Him to do what you can’t, without worrying about the specifics. Quiet your anxious thoughts with God’s Word. Ask God to help you exercise patience and practice gratitude.

Remember, this too shall pass. Trouble don’t last always.

Even if it feels like it’s always something, remember, God is always up to something, and with Him, you can get through anything!

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