Love and success: A short story. Part 5 

Part five: Egg bagel and red eye

Listen here!

The next morning I woke up and showered and brushed my teeth. I put some curl pudding on my natural hair and brushed through it. “Girl your curls are poppin’, I said, while looking in the mirror at my natural twenty inch coils. 

It was going to be a hot day- ninety one degrees, but it was beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect for the day, since last night didn’t go that great with Joe, but maybe today will be better. 

I put on my backless side slit maxi dress and headed downstairs to make breakfast. I wanted to surprise Joe with breakfast in bed, to make up for last night.

Joe had become my best friend, and I don’t want to lose him, regardless of how the show ends. I realized that this was my first time not thinking about the million dollars. “Girl, you’re in love with Joe,” I said to myself. “That’s ridiculous, I’ve only known Joe six weeks,” I replied to myself. “Okay Char, quit talking to yourself and flip the omelette before it burns,” I said to myself again. 

Jessica and Aaron came downstairs. Jessica’s blonde tresses were in a messy bun, and she had a smile on her face like she was a kid on Christmas morning. Aaron was smiling too, looking like a Hershey’s bar in grey sweatpants. 

“Good morning Charlotte. You got it smelling good up in here. What are you cooking?” Aaron said. “I’m making Joe some breakfast. Aaron yawned. “Long night,” I said. He laughed. “You can say that,” both he and Jessica said with a smile.

“I don’t think Joseph is here, Charlotte. I saw him leaving like twenty minutes ago,” Jessica said. “Oh. Okay…” I said. “But we are more than happy to take care of that omelette for you, you know, just so it doesn’t go to waste,” Jessica said. “Yeah, sure. Of course,” I said. “There you go,” I said, sliding the western omelette onto Jessica’s plate. She and Aaron shared the omelette and devoured it like two dogs on one bone.

“Good morning beautiful,” Joe said, as he came through the door with a bouquet of tulips in one hand, and a coffee and bagel in the other. “Good morning,” both me and Jessica said. Joe gave the flowers, bagel and coffee to me, and said, “I was trying to catch you before you woke up. I got your favorite bagel and coffee.” “Egg bagel and red eye,” me and Joe said at the same time. We both shared a laugh. 

“I’m sorry about last night,” he said. “No need to be sorry. I’m sorry,” I said. “Let’s just put last night behind us. I’m going to put these in water, and we can go outside and talk,” I said. “Actually, since you’re already dressed, let’s get our day started. I have the car parked out front,” Joe said.

After I put the flowers in a vase with water, we left. The first thing we did was go on a whale watch cruise. Then we went on a chauffeured tour to see the beaches, valley, and waterfalls.  It was very beautiful, and Joe captured a few shots of us and posted it on his Instagram account, that had gotten a huge following since the show. 

The producers encouraged us to use social media as a means to grow the Love and Success audience. I use Snapchat or Twitter, which had also gained hundreds of thousands of followers since the show.

Around three in the afternoon, Joe and I had a light lunch on the roof top of a restaurant overlooking the beach. I can’t deny the chemistry between us if I wanted to, and neither could Joe. He would hold my hand whenever we were walking, and he kept telling me how he was having such a great time, and he was glad that I was back. 

At night, we went to a luau. This was by far my favorite and it was romantic. The sun set beautifully over the Pacific Ocean. There was live entertainment, great food, tropical drinks, fire dancers, and so much more. 

At one point during the Luau, Joe came behind me and hugged me from behind, and kissed me on my cheek as we watched the friendly and engaging performers. I was invited to join in with the hula dancers, and I caught on quick. Joe was sizing me up as my hips swayed side to side, and then the hula dancers brought him in to join the dance, and it was hilarious. Joe has no rhythm.

After a great night, we went back to the mansion. We hugged and kissed goodnight, and the night ended perfectly. Tomorrow is the day that Joe and Jessica make their decision about who they want to move forward with, and then it’s up to America to choose if it’s really about love. 

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