“We need partners in this progress.”: Lee County community concerned school board is failing struggling students.

Since COVID, the percentage of struggling students has risen amongst those with disabilities and minorities. The Lee County community appeal to school board for a plan to track progress.

“86 percent of children with disabilities were not proficient before the pandemic and now the percentage is at a heartbreaking 92 percent. 68 percent of African American children weren’t proficient at reading before the pandemic and now it’s at 78 percent,” Kenna Wilson, a parent and Lee County school teacher, said.

The April 5th Lee County School Board meeting opened with a moment of silence, but the night was anything but silent as four speakers from the Lee County community fervently voiced their opinions and concerns to the board. There were concerns about the academic struggles of students, and no plan to track progress since COVID.

There was a questionable quote that came up at least twice at the school board meeting in which a board member at the March 8th school board meeting said, “We get the job done, that’s why we get paid the big bucks.” Board member, Pam Sutton, was a bit unsettled about the quote her colleague made and called the statement “a little disappointing and interesting.”

 Other concerns from the speakers were sex education being taught to children as young as four-years-old. One speaker Chris Hester called the teachers who are teaching sex education to toddlers and young children, “pedophiles.”

 A Wi-Fi budget request was submitted to the board by superintendent Dr. Brian, to help with security. Board member Sherry Lynn Womack was concerned that the Wi-Fi on buses could increase bullying and negative behavior being posted to social media, which has been an issue in the past.

Chairwoman Sandra Bowen stated how the board gets a lot of heat for what goes wrong in the school system, but in order to move forward, parents must also take responsibility for their children’s actions and seriousness about their education. Bowen ended the night by pleading with parents, “We need partners in this progress,” she said.

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