Falling short or falling into place?

How many times have you made plans or set goals, and things happened exactly as you planned? From a general everyday standpoint, I know for me, I can make plans to go in the store to buy one item, and come out with six, or ten, or an entire cart. However, there are times when I set a budget before doing something and I stick to the budget because I know that I need to handle business elsewhere. During these times I am intentional about my plans and I am also focused. This made me think of how we navigate through long term goals, and how we make plans to accomplish certain things in a set amount of time, but sometimes, those plans don’t work out the way we thought.

Are we being closed minded when we set our long term goals? Are we intentional in our short term goals, in a way that helps us accomplish those long term goals? Are we staying focused? Are we passing up opportunities? When we miss the mark- as far as accomplishing our goals within a certain time frame, or even failing to become the person we’ve envisioned for our life, are we really falling short, or are things falling into place?

Well for one, it’s a matter of faith, and faith without works is dead (James 2:17). Are you working your faith and you still feel as though you’re falling short? Well, there’s a saying. ”Man plans and God laughs.” There’s also a scripture that says, ”We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

So, when things seem as though we’re falling short, they could be falling into place. Things aren’t going to always go 100% the way we’ve envisioned, but they will come to past. The reason things don’t always happen according to our plans is because of life, for one. We don’t know our beginning or end, but God does. When we plan, we don’t factor in life’s curve balls, or that distraction we’ll encounter, or the times we have to navigate through life differently because of the curve balls that were thrown our way.

Does this mean we aren’t intentional with our plans or that we’re not doing enough to accomplish our goals? No. It means we’re human and therefore we’re imperfect. Life happens. Things don’t always go according to our plans, but if your faith is secured, you’ve got to believe that the Lord is ordering your steps.

I don’t believe that God will give you a vision that He won’t also help you fulfill, but we must also be intentional, focused, and obedient to what He’s saying. We can’t move in fear, we must be ready, and if life throws us curve balls, we must learn the lesson in it, and keep going. Things happen, but don’t give up. Just because things aren’t going according to your plans, doesn’t mean that it’s not going according to God’s plan. We must remember, His thoughts are not our thoughts ( Isaiah 55:8).

So, keep an open mind when it comes to reaching your goals. Think outside of the box. Just because it’s not happening your way, doesn’t mean it will never happen. You will be who you’ve always wanted to be, but it may not happen the way you’ve planned for it. Keep going, and believe, things are falling into place.

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