We’ve got snow!

A winter wonderland, particularly in my neighborhood.

I woke up to this! (Early morning photo)

So, we haven’t had snowfall like this in NC in at least two years, actually it may be closer to three, but I’m excited. Snowfall began yesterday in the morning, but it was very light. It really began to come down more and consistently around 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday. Snowfall continued until around 4:00 am. I was up until almost 3:00 am working on editing and producing a couple of projects, but then I listened to one of my sleep stories and instantly fell asleep.

Needless to say the sleep story did its job! ☺️ If you need to relax, meditate, or most importantly, get a good nights sleep, there’s a sleep story that goes perfectly with this beautiful scenery. I will post a link to the sleep story at the bottom of the page, but let’s enjoy this awesomeness right now.

Around 9:45, the sun was shinning beautifully, so I got up to explore more of this winter wonderland in my neighborhood.

I love how the sun shines between the trees. 🌲

I just love nature, and since I’m taking several videography classes, I’ve become even more obsessed with capturing nature’s beauty.

I love this tree in the middle.

I didn’t stay out long. The windchill factor is 15 degrees, so I hurried back inside, but it was nice to visit the great outdoors for a moment. Perhaps, I’ll go back out later on to capture more shots, after I finish working. I love it here. ❄️🌲

Listen to my sleep story here. ❤️

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