Don’t look back.

The reason some can’t move forward is because they refuse to let the past go. They still have the same mindset they had ten, twenty, thirty years ago. You have to let go of what was, in order to fully appreciate the present. If God delivered a person from a situation, why would they want to go back to the very things that they had to pray their way out of? The answer is simple.

The past is familiar. When life gets challenging or uncertain, people naturally look back to what they’re used to, or comfortable with, even if going back isn’t the best option. They’ll go back because it’s a familiar option, a convenient option. It may not be an easy option, but they’ll settle because it’s easier than facing their current situation or uncertainties of the future. This is a dangerous mindset.

We’re supposed to evolve in our way of thinking, so that we can obtain understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, and so that we can be our best selves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Being our best selves begins with our way of thinking. If we think we’re only as good as our troubled past, then we will continue to experience the same issues. If we work through our fears, trust God, and move forward in faith, we can be a force to be reckoned with. Remember the past, but don’t “look back” (don’t miss it, don’t go back) there.

Even if you’re falling behind (your timeline and goals aren’t matching up), keep going. Trust me, I know it’s scary, when time keeps ticking into the future and nothing is going according to your plan. It’s in these moments of uncertainty and fear that we have to really put our trust in God. Life rarely goes exactly as we planned, but our vision will come into fruition, just not how we imagined. We need wisdom to help us understand where we are in life, because many of us are living the manifestation of our dreams, but because it’s not happening how we imagined it, we don’t understand where we are, so we get frustrated, some lose hope, and some look back,

If God delivered you from it, stay out of it. Going back could slow you, stop you, or even destroy you. Stay the course of moving forward and your faithfulness and obedience will be rewarded.

Genesis 19:26 (NLT)

But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

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There’s purpose in your pain.

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