A good deed a day.

Happy New Year 

So, yesterday I was inside of a store shopping. Another customer asked if I could get an item for her. I am maybe a couple of inches taller than her. I actually had to get on my tip toes to get the item myself. Shubricca said, in my head… “You don’t work here.” 

The civilized, godly me smiled, and confirmed the item she wanted, and then handed it to her. The woman said thanks and I said you’re welcome. Then she said, “Hey, at least you’ve done your good deed for the day.” We laughed, said a few more words and eventually went about our day. That woman has no idea how that comment changed my perspective about some things and will positively change my life.

It’s funny how God uses strangers to let us know He’s listening. I don’t always operate in the Spirit, but I always tell God that I want to be more like Him, especially when my patience is wearing thin and I want to do things my way. I ask God to help me be better. I ask Him to help me be kind, generous, understanding, loving, considerate, and all things godly. I admire people who are naturally these things, they are truly Godsends. 

I’ve been in a traumatic car wreck, and a stranger made it their business to make sure that I was okay. I’ve been in situations where I had no vehicle, and God would have strangers to take me to work without wanting anything in return. I’ve been in need of items for my home, and people have given to me without even knowing what I was going through. They were just being generous, considerate, and compassionate. I have trouble being all these things all the time though. 

It’s not that I don’t want to be all these great things, it’s just that I get in the way of me being those things, sometimes. I want to be a person that people remember for their kindness, listening ear, compassion, love, and generosity. Hopefully that lady will think of me as, “The nice lady who helped me at the grocery store.” She don’t know that I was battling myself in my head. She didn’t know the defensive me was like, “Oh, no she didn’t!

She must think you’re an employee here!” The important thing here is that, she doesn’t need to know what demons I battle, as long as God is the one who gets the glory. I’m hoping in her eyes, I’m remembered as being kind, that day. When the woman told me that I’d done a good deed for the day, it made me think about setting a goal to complete one good deed a day. Every day, aim to do good for someone outside of myself, and doing that one thing will help me be the person I want to be remembered as. 

One good deed can make a life long impact. You never know who needs the kind words, motivation, a hand in the grocery store, or help with a heavy load. I realize that as long as my heart is in the right place, I can be one of the Godsends that I see in those who have those great qualities that gives hope and life to the human race. So, in 2022, that’s my prayer. God use me at least once a day, everyday, to make a positive impact on a person’s life. 

I’m not counting my good deeds, I just want to make sure that I’m completing them. I don’t want to be too busy living my life, that I’m unavailable to be a helping hand in some way. Life isn’t all about me, it’s about all of us, and small gestures are big deals that goes a long way to some people. So, I won’t say, I’ll do this deed today, or that deed tomorrow… maybe one day I will. For now, I’ll just say, create the opportunity and use me for your glory so that I positively impact someone’s life, Lord. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🏾

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