Newest sleep story, “December sleigh ride.”

Hi everyone! So, by now, you know that I love sleep stories. I fell in love with sleep stories earlier this year. I was having major insomnia at the time and discovered how helpful sleep stories were while working on a school project. I produced my first sleep story around late April, and I’ve been on a roll since.

The main reason I write these stories is because many people suffer from a lack of sleep, or not getting a full night’s rest. Since sleep stories helped me, I created some to help you! See how that works? That’s what life is all about. When we are blessed, we’re supposed to be a blessing to others, and creating these stories is a joy as well.

So, if you need help taking a nap during the day, or just need to quietly meditate for a few minutes, or if it’s bedtime, but your brain still wants to wonder- listen to my newest sleep story and watch how it takes you through an enchanted winter wonderland to dreamland. The arctic animal sound effects and snow falling softly against your windowpane will help put your mind at ease. Listen by clicking play below and check out my other sleep stories on Spotify – Shubricca L Bell.


Business as usual part 5: I don't want to waste your time, but I want to take my time. Shubricca L Bell

After Karlie surprises Trav with a romantic dinner date night, things don't go as she'd planned. Trav and Samantha have an important conversation. — Send in a voice message:
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  3. Business as usual part 3: Wheels of misfortune
  4. Business as usual (part 2): Farewell Jade
  5. Mind right affirmation 13: I am greater than what I feel and more than what I go through.

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