Sanford business owner overcomes financial challenges of COVID-19

Robert Glenn, owner of NC Wings and Things in Sanford said his business has taken a financial hit during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has left a financial strain on individuals all over the world, but some could argue no one has been hit hard financially, as small business owners have. 

Some small business owners were forced to close their doors, and take odd jobs to make ends meet, but that was also a challenge because even large companies were losing money, which caused them to shut operations down, and left many people unemployed. Robert Glenn, owner of mobile food truck NC Wings and Things in Sanford knows the challenges of maintaining a small business during a pandemic all too well. 

“We had to find other things to do, parties, small catering events, just to keep money flowing in, as it should,” Glenn said,

The entrepreneur said the PPP loan offered during COVID-19, really helped his business financially.

Multiple streams of income are important, no matter one’s career path. 

When Glenn’s food truck NC Wings and Things took a financial hit, his vending service Carolina Prime Vending helped him stay afloat. 

He is also the business owner of Miracle Tax Solutions in Sanford. 

The business owner is looking forward to opening another business soon. 

“We’re looking to expand into a vape shop in the future,” Glenn said.

Glenn is not only a businessman, but a family man. 

He hopes his success story inspires other entrepreneurs to keep going, despite the challenges they may face. 

“Trust the process, think outside the box, and just continue to strive for excellence because, this too shall pass,” Glenn said.

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