Miracle Beans: Part 5 (final part) 

A little birdie

Listen here.

It’s December 24, and although it’s Christmas Eve, a time of joy, festivities and last minute shopping for many, Black Mountain was saddened. The only people who were popping champagne and celebrating, were the commercial real estate investors, who saw Miracle Beans as an opportunity expand Black Mountain. These investors weren’t interested in keeping Black Mountain a quiet cozy community like the residents had hoped. They 

were interested in buying out small businesses and turning Black Mountain into a major vacation destination. “Do you see the potential here?” one investor said, to another.

“You’re telling me. I’ve been trying to buy out that small strip mall across the street for months, but the local business owners won’t budge. I could easily turn that poor excuse for a strip mall, into a hotel,” he said. “Oh, but imagine what we could do with this beauty,” another investor said, in regards to Miracle Beans. Do you see the amount of land that this property sits on? 

I could easily turn this into a casino,” he said. Then with a toast they said, “May the best man win.” The bidding started, and the investors were making their best offers. Linda and John attended the auction, and as a strategy, they planned to outbid the investors. They knew that the investors weren’t interested in exceeding thirty thousand dollars.

The auction started at seventy thousand, and went all the way down to fifteen thousand. Then one investor threw up his hand. “I see 15,000, do I have 17,000? Linda held up her hand and said, “17,000.” The other investors chimed in, 18,000, 19,000. “Twenty thousand,” John said. 

The investors began to sweat, and it was thirty four degrees outside. Linda and John were applying pressure. They had only raised twenty two thousand dollars though. “Twenty two thousand,” a investor in the back said. Everyone turned around to see who he was. 

It was Joseph, and his fiancé stood next to him. He greeted Linda and John with a nod and a smile. Twenty two in the back, do I hear, twenty three?” the auctioneer said. “Twenty three,” an investor said. “I have twenty three over here. 

Do I have twenty six thousand?” the auctioneer said. Joseph held up his hand once more, “Twenty six,” he said. “Wait a minute. I know that guy. “He’s a real estate mogul in Atlanta,” an investor said. 

“Well maybe this is his way of breaking into commercial real estate,” another investor said. “I don’t blame him. This property is easily worth sixty grand, but no one around here is paying that price,” a third investor said. A news reporter was giving the details to the Black Mountain viewers at home. Then Joseph caught her eye. 

“Hey, I know that guy, he was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine,” she said. “What’s Black Enterprise Magazine?” an investor said. “Oh, I think it’s a magazine about how to keep your business in the black,” another investor said. “No, it’s an African American business magazine,” Linda said. “Oh,” the investors said, awkwardly, before taking a sip of their drinks. 

An investor bid thirty thousand dollars. “Thirty thousand. Do I have Thirty one?” the auctioneer said. “Thirty one,” Joseph said. “Thirty one, do I have thirty two?” the auctioneer said. 

“Thirty two,” the investor said. Linda looked at Joseph. “Sorry,” he mouthed. He couldn’t go beyond thirty two thousand. John held up his hand, thirty three thousand,” he said. 

“What? Are you sure?” Linda said. “No, but we can’t give up,” he said. “Thirty three, over here. Do I have thirty five?” the auctioneer said. 

The investors were quiet and so was Joseph, Linda, and John. Then the investor who had bid last said, “Thirty five thousand.” He was ready to claim his purchase, but then a voice from the back said, “Thirty six thousand,” everyone turned around, and it was Mr. Osborne. “Dad! Mom!” Joseph said, as he turned to give them a hug. 

“What are the two of you doing here?” he said. John and Linda walked up. “A little birdie told us what Linda, John, and the Black Mountain community was doing for us, and the faith and love of our community inspired us to fight,” Mr. Osborne said. “Let me guess. That little birdie was, Anthony?” Linda said.

“Guilty,” Anthony said, as he walked up, and waved. “We’re old, but Miracle Beans is our legacy, so we pulled some money from our retirement fund, so that we can save this place. This place holds so many memories. Memories of Christmas past. Kids coming to get their free hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies,” Mr. Osborne said, as he pulled Mrs. Osborne into his side with a warm hug.

“Family game nights. Prayer meetings, and all sorts of community gatherings. Miracle Beans is more than a business, it’s home, and thanks to you and our community, we’re not losing our home without a fight,” Mrs. Osborne said. “Sold, to the man in the back,” the auctioneer said. “What? 

It’s ours?” Mr. Osborne said. “Yes, for thirty six thousand dollars,” the auctioneer said. Linda teared up. Onlookers were excited and emotional. “Come on up,” the auctioneer said. 

The twenty two thousand from the Go Fund Me, ten thousand from Joseph, and four thousand from the Osbornes, won Miracle Beans back to its rightful owners, and Black Mountain was overjoyed. Joseph and his parents talked and realized a small misunderstanding had kept Joseph away so many years. He realized his parents loved him no matter what, and they cared more about him being in their lives more than anything. The Osbornes were excited that Joseph and his fiancé were getting married, and even more thrilled when they found out that they wanted to get married at Miracle Beans, on Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Osborne went out of their way to make sure that Joseph and his fiancé’s wedding day would be special.

On Christmas morning, John and his parents watched Abby open her gifts, before exchanging theirs. Linda’s doorbell ring. When she opened it, “Surprise!” It was her family. “Wow, this is truly, a miracle,” she said, before letting them inside. 

The Osbornes were busy preparing for the Wedding. Miracle Beans was transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. The Wedding began at two. It was beautiful and romantic. Linda and John snuggled next to each other as they watched the newlyweds take their vows. 

Anything is possible when you believe and come together to achieve something bigger than yourself.

The End.

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