Dear ex, I wish you the best.

Once upon a time I couldn’t see me without you-

No one could’ve told me that our love wouldn’t stand the test of time… or two-

We went through the worst of the worst, but we always found each other-

No matter how many times we’d fall, but we’d bounce back like rubber.

I found out that the worst, really wasn’t that bad-

because after the worst, that’s when things were all bad.

We had good times in between; our best was THE BEST-

but the lack of trust was crippling, like a noose around our necks.

Apologizes became rehearsed words without meaning-love was something that kept us holding on; though we said it, we didn’t always mean it.

It became a four letter word in which we walked a thin line- 

although you were once my world, you became out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes my life feels as if it’s divided into two parts-

With you, and after you, and somewhere between, two broken hearts.

It feels like what we had, was a lifetime ago-

Now we’re like two strangers; we’re not the people we used to know.

The dreams we once shared, the plans we once made-

the laughs we once shared, the love we once made-

all seems like a dream, if it wasn’t for the time it took me to move on-

I’d swear it wasn’t real, but hey, life… it goes on.

Had I never lost myself in you, I would’ve never found myself-

or learned to love who I am, or give God what was left.

Thank God for the lessons, they taught me wisdom with no regrets-

I learned from both of our mistakes, now I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Things happen for a reason, and some people come into our lives for a season- You were what I needed at a time, when I needed something to believe in.

But purpose was birthed out of the pain, I’m a witness to the quotes-

“There’s purpose in your pain,” and “Life ain’t no joke.”

I’m in a happy place now-

a peaceful place now-

sometimes my blessings seems surreal, I thank God anyhow.

I learned to be good to myself, and manifested good love too-

finding love again is scary, but he’s a dream come true.

You also seem happy, congratulations to you and your boo-

I see a lot of me in her, and I ain’t mad at you.

It may seem crazy, but I genuinely wish you the best-

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve has finally been put to rest.

Although we’re better apart than we ever were together-

I wish you all the best in love, in life, and your endeavors.


The one that got away.

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