📢Free book alert🚨Let your worries fall like autumn leaves, with ”How to let go and let God.”

It’s a new day! ☀️ Not only is it a new day, it’s a new season! 🍁 I’m excited about fall! It’s my favorite season by far! Seasons are new beginnings, and we’re going to start this season off right, by letting go of our past, and pressing towards the future in Christ!

Today, and through 9/26/2021, I’m not only celebrating my favorite time of year, but I am celebrating you, and for your support, with a free gift! *Alexa play, “That’s on me,” by Yella Beezy.* 😁💃🏾

Grab your free copy of my book, “How to let go and let God.” This is the perfect tool to help you kickstart fall! It’s time to let your worries fall, like autumn leaves. Leave the problems of the past behind you and let go, and let God. ❤️

Click the link below for your free book (kindle version). 

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