Fires and burns. Part 3 (Final)

July Sails Shubricca L Bell

Cruise with me as we set sail to dreamland via July Sails sleep story. See and hear the ocean waves. The blue moon is so close that you can touch it. Head down to your cabin and after settling in comfortably, allow the rhythm of the ocean waves to gently rock you to sleep. Sleep well. — Send in a voice message:
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A couple of weeks later, trouble began to brew in paradise, between Lexi and Carson. Lexi had kept it cool in the presence of Kane, but his words cut deep. Kane’s words had reached a place they once held residence. His words made Lexi question her worth. She started to doubt that Carson could truly love her. 

Sure, she’d done a lot of self work. She’d made many accomplishments too, but Kane always had a way of making her feel like, no matter what, she’d always be that broke girl who depended on him for everything. Lexi began to start arguments with Carson for small reasons, because she began to doubt that their relationship would last anyway. She was once madly in love with Kane, and it turned into a nightmare. Whose to say that this one wouldn’t end badly as well. 

One day, Lexi went to her best friend’s house and they sipped wine, and talked about it. “Lexi, you have a good man. Don’t allow your fears and insecurities to cause you to lose that man. He really loves you, and he loves your kids, as if they are his. That man adores you. 

You can’t allow Kane to take you back to the woman you worked so hard to overcome. Do you remember that woman? Because, I do. I didn’t like that woman. I loved her, because no matter what you go through, you’re my bestie, and I’m here for you… but don’t go back to that dark place. 

It took you several years of therapy, and a lot of self work and healing to overcome the person that you used to be. Accept that you’re truly happy. Embrace love. Believe that you’re worth love, and deserving of it. You found God, and you found peace, and joy… don’t let Kane take it away.

Your value isn’t contingent upon a certain dollar amount in your bank account, but because you have wealth in your heart. Kane’s just mad that he’s been through countless women, and all of them combined, still don’t add up to you. You’re a great woman, awesome mother, and THE best, friend. It will be a blessing for Carson to call you his wife, and he knows it, which is why he hasn’t went anywhere. He’s fighting for you, because he knows your worth, but you have to know your worth too.

Don’t let doubt, fear, and uncertainties of the future, creep in. It will consume you,” Trina said. “Girl, I love you so much,” Lexi said, tearing up. Trina handed her some tissues, and hugged her. “I love you too, girl,” Trina said. 

“I know your patient’s love you. You always know what to say,” Lexi said. “I do, don’t I?” Trina said, before they both shared a laugh. “Hey, God got you. Believe His Word, more than Kane’s, or anyone’s, for that matter.

Trina got up to refill her wine glass. Remember, I’ll always have your back, too!” Trina said. “Thank you, girl, but you don’t have my glass. I need a refill too,” Lexi said. “Oh, my bad. 

Girl, I got you. “Can a get a reee-fil,” Lexi sung, in a tipsy tone. “Oh, you’re feeling good, huh?” Trina said, before handing the glass of wine to Lexi. “I am, bestie,” Lexi said. “I’m glad.

Now, that will be $150.00,” Trina said. “What’s $150.00? The wine?” Lexi said. “No, the therapy session,” Trina said, sarcastically. Lexi laughed, then said, “Girl, you’re crazy. 

Wait, you aren’t really talking about me paying you, are you?” Lexi said. “Girl, no! I’m talking about the dang wine. It was $150.00,” Trina said. “Wow, I can’t even front, it’s most definitely worth it,” Lexi said. 

“Oh, I didn’t buy it. It was a gift, from a colleague,” Trina said. “Ouuu! Details please!” Lexi said. “He’s just a colleague,” Trina said, before giving the deets.

When Kane came to get the kids for summer break, he was delighted to hear that there had been trouble in paradise. Trinity spilled all the beans. When the two siblings got some alone time, Kane Jr. had a talk with his sister. Trinity!” Kane Jr. said. “What goes on at home, stays at home. 

You can’t tell dad everything,” he said. “But dad is our family too,” she said. “Yeah, but how much of dad’s life do you know about?” Kane Jr. said. Trinity was silent. “Exactly. 

You don’t know what he do when we’re not with him. What he does, is his business, and what happens at home, is our business. Don’t tell dad anything else,” Kane Jr. said. “Okay,” Trinity said, in an irritating tone. The kids spent two weeks at Pam’s house with Kane. 

Kane kept promising to take them on a vacation, but he was busy running the streets. The kids went back to Atlanta somewhat disappointed. They were at the house with Pam, more than they were with Kane. He promised that next time, he would in fact, take the kids to Dubai. Kane dropped the kids off at his mom’s house, and his mom, drove the kids to Lexi’s house. 

“Bye, grandma! Love you,” Trinity said, giving her grandmother a hug and kiss. “Bye, baby, and I love you too,” she said. “I love you, grandma. See you later,” Kane Jr. said. “I love you too, grandson. 

I’ll see you later,” she said. Lexi waved goodbye, and said thanks. “No problem. Have a good night,” she said, waving back. That night, Kane’s mom was in a fatal car accident. 

A tractor trailer jack knifed, and knocked her car into the median strip. When the car crashed, Kane’s mom died immediately, from head trauma. Lexi and Carson was up late watching a movie. After the movie went off, the news came on, and the news reporter was live on scene, at the sight of the accident. “Oh my goodness! 

Baby, that’s the kids, grandma. Oh my God. Lord, have mercy,” she cried. Carson looked at TV, and it was her. “She was just here, not even an hour ago. 

Lord have mercy,” Lexi cried again. “Jesus,” she cried. “Kane Jr. ran downstairs. “Mom, what’s wrong? He glanced at the TV and saw a picture of his grandma. 

“Why is grandma’s picture on TV?” he said. Then he read the headline. Truck jack knifed, and results in fatal accident. “What is this? Is this a joke?” Kane Jr. said. 

Lexi walked towards Kane Jr. with tears in her eyes. “It’s not a joke son,” she said. Kane Jr. cried, “No, no, no! But she was just here! Grandma was just here. 

I just hugged her and told her that I’d see her later. I don’t believe it. I’m going to call her. She’s not dead, she’s not dead,” he yelled, as his mother tried to comfort him. Trinity came downstairs. 

“Mom… What’s going on? Who’s dead. Then Trinity saw the picture of her grandma on TV, and backed away. “No, no, no, no, no,” she said. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” Lexi said. Carson turned the TV off. “I got it,” Carson said, to Lexi, before going after Trinity.

Kane flew his mom’s body back to New Orleans, to be buried in her home state. She had lived in Atlanta, most of her adult life. She had left Kane to live with his grandmother when he was a teenager. Despite their past, they had grown close. Kane was devastated. 

He blamed Lexi. “If she wasn’t driving from your house, she would have never gotten killed,” he told Lexi. Lexi allowed the kids to fly to New Orleans to attend the funeral. She sent flowers and gave her condolences, but Kane had someone to throw the flowers out. The kids flew back home the next morning. 

On Kane’s way from dropping the kids off at the airport, he stopped by the witch’s house. He wanted more spells casts on Lexi. “What else are you willing to give?” the witch asked. “I can pay you whatever. You know that?” he said. 

“You’re foolish if you think that these type of things are paid by monetary value, only,” she said. “What are you talking about? How are they being paid, then?” he said. “By sacrifice,” the woman said. Kane got up out his seat, and backed into a wall. 

“What are you saying?” he said. “I told you that this could end in death, and you said, let her die,” the witch said. “You told me that Lexi would die,” Kane said. “Did I? I don’t recall telling you who would die, only that it could result in death. 

However, the spirits are always listening. They live in you. They’re apart of you. Did you swear on your mom’s life? Immediately, Kane remembered swearing on his mom’s life, that Lexi would never find love or happiness, outside of him.

“What? I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t sacrifice my momma,” he said. “Oh, but you did,” the woman said. “You know the saying, “If you play with fire, you’ll get burned,” she said, nonchalantly.

Kane went insane, and shot the witch twelve times. One of the bullets hit a candle that landed on a curtain and started a fire. Police were in the area, when a neighbor called complaining about gunshots. When police got on the scene, the fire had burned most of the woman’s dead body, and some of the room. Kane sat in the room of fire and smoke, in a crazed daze. 

Firefighters arrived and put the fire out. The police arrested Kane on scene. A week later, Kane hung himself. Inmates said, he was crazy, and often talked to himself. Lexi couldn’t believe it. 

The kids were devastated when they got the news. It was too much for them. Lexi put the kids in counseling to help them cope with grief, and everything else they’d been through. Lexi hated that her kids were going through this, but she knew that, just as God had brought her out, He’d bring her kids out.

She had faith that her kids would be okay. She worried at times, because Kane was mentally unstable. She prayed that those strong holds wouldn’t continue with her kids, and did everything she could to help her kids heal from their traumas.

There’s no doubt that God had covered her, and she was grateful for His protection from things seen and unseen. Lexi had to be strong for the kids, but going through this, was traumatic for her too. Sometimes, she vent to Carson. Several nights he held her as she cried. Eventually, she got family counseling, because she couldn’t keep up the act as if she was okay.

She worried that if she did, the kids would one day resent her for it, even though she was doing it, to be there for them. These events deepened Lexi’s relationship with God. Although Kane had done many vile things to her, some she knew about, and others she didn’t, she forgave him. Truth is, Kane was troubled since he was a youth. He had unresolved mommy issues. 

Out of his hate for his mom, he’d beat Lexi, and he despised her for leaving him, as his mom did. Although, he and his mom reconciled when he became an adult, that fire of hate, burned in his heart for Lexi. He never got over it, and it consumed him, even until death. Over the next several months, Lexi and the kids continued to work towards healing, by taking things a day at a time. After a year, she and Carson got married, and their family is living happily ever after.

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