Fires and burns: part 2 

Let me go…

July Sails Shubricca L Bell

Cruise with me as we set sail to dreamland via July Sails sleep story. See and hear the ocean waves. The blue moon is so close that you can touch it. Head down to your cabin and after settling in comfortably, allow the rhythm of the ocean waves to gently rock you to sleep. Sleep well. — Send in a voice message:
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A couple of days went by, and Kane found himself at a witch house. Kane is a Voodoo veteran, but he wanted to make sure that whatever he put on Lexi, would stick this time. The witch had direct contact with certain spirits, and Kane was sure that the spell would work. The witch asked Kane if he was sure that he wanted to go through with the spell. She told him that it could be deadly. 

Kane didn’t care. Bitterness, selfishness, pride, and envy, had consumed him so much, that he didn’t care what the cost was. “If she dies, she dies,” he said. “Okay,” the witch said, before proceeding with the spell. Kane left the witch’s residence, confident that the spell would result in Lexi’s misfortune. 

Trinity called Kane, as he was driving home. “Hey, Nene. How’s daddy’s baby girl doing?” he said. “Hi, daddy. My recital is in four days. 

Are you coming?” she said. “Of course, baby. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Listen, baby; daddy has to handle some business, but I’ll see you in four days, okay?” Kane said. “Okay, dad. 

Love you,” Trinity said. “I love you too, baby girl,” Kane said, before ending the call. Then he pulled up to one of his homeboys apartment to pick up a bag of money. Kane is the plug. He has workers all over New Orleans, who specializes in street pharmaceuticals.

Four days went by, and it was the day of Trinity’s dance recital. Kane Jr. was blowing up Kane’s phone trying to reach his dad. He left several voice messages. “Dad, where are you? Trinity’s recital begins in less than ten minutes.  

Look, I don’t care if you couldn’t make it to any of my football games, but don’t let Trinity down. She’s really looking forward to you being here, aight? Just come through… for her,” Kane Jr. said, before ending the call, for the tenth time. “Hey, baby. Is everything okay?” Lexi said, as she rubbed Kane Jr. on the back. 

“Yeah, mom. I was just talking to my friend. I told her that I’d call her back after Trinity’s recital,” Kane Jr. lied. “Oh, you have a little girlfriend?” Lexi said. Kane Jr. smiled and shook his head, “Don’t be weird, mom,” he said. 

“What? I only asked if you had a girlfriend. Anyway, we saved a seat for you. Come on, the show’s starting soon,” Lexi said, as the two of them walked back to their seats. “Everything good, KJ?” Carson said. “Yep, all good,” Kane Jr. said.

Lexi sat in the middle of Carson and Kane Jr.. Kane Jr. kept checking his phone to see if his dad had called or sent a message back. A few minutes later, the show began. “Tonight’s show is a special presentation, dedicated to our fathers. We’ll open the show with a performance by Trinity Andrews. 

Everyone applauded. Soft music began to play as Trinity walked into the spotlight. She began her ballet performance. The performance was moving, to the point of tear jerking. It was an emotional roller coaster seeing the way she expressed her and her father’s relationship through dance. 

At first she danced in a way of strong admiration, joy, and love. Then she swayed and moved with sadness and sorrow. At one point, she expressed loneliness, but then it was as if she had hope, and joy, and love was finally restored. After her performance, the crowd gave a standing ovation. Trinity bowed three times, and each time she lifted her head, she glanced into the audience, but Kane wasn’t there. 

After the show was over, all of the fathers came to walk their daughters off stage. Trinity heart felt as if it sank into her Pointe shoes. She wanted to burst into tears, but her sadness turned into happiness, when Carson handed her a bouquet of flowers, and walked her off stage. Lexi recorded it, and sent it to her private story. As they were leaving, Kane showed up, with his newest girlfriend. 

“Daddy!” Trinity said. Still happy to see her father, she ran to him and gave him a hug. “You’re late,” Kane Jr. said. “I know son. I apologize,” Kane said, before Kane Jr. cut him off. 

Trinity is the one you should be apologizing to, not me,” Kane Jr. said. “I’m sorry, baby girl,” Kane said. “It’s okay, daddy,” Trinity said. “Im going to make it up to you. I have reservations for us at a five star restaurant, and tomorrow, I’m going to take you anywhere you want to go,” Kane said. 

Kane Jr. shook his head and sucked his teeth. “Man, whatever,” he said, before walking off. “Son. Son!” Kane said. Kane Jr. kept walking. 

Lexi just looked at Kane. “Lexi,” Kane said. “Kane,” she said. “I’m taking the kids with me, tonight. I’ll bring them back tomorrow night. 

“Oh, you most definitely will not. We have reservations at Trinity’s favorite restaurant tonight, and tomorrow morning, KJ has basketball practice,” Lexi said. “I’ll take him to practice,” Kane said. “Mom, please, can we go?” Trinity said. “You don’t want sushi, anymore?” Lexi said. 

“I do! Daddy, can we go there?” Trinity said. “We’ll go somewhere better, baby. They sell sushi too! But, I’ll tell you what, if you don’t like it, tomorrow I’ll take you to your favorite spot, okay?” Kane said.

“Okay,” Trinity said. “Now, go with Ms. Pam, to the car. I’ll be there in a second, okay baby girl?” “Okay,” Trinity said. “I’m going to talk to your mom, right quick,” Kane said. 

Pam walked Trinity to the car. “Kane, you can’t keep doing this to them,” Lexi said. Kane held his hand in Lexi’s face. “Aye, watch your hand,” Carson said. “Well… looka here… and, you are? 

Matter of fact, what the hell are you going to do, if I don’t move my hand?” Kane said. “Look man, I’m trying to be respectful, out of respect and love for my fiancé and the kids, but get your hand out of her face,” Carson said. Kane laughed, before putting his hand down. Then with a serious tone, he said, “Lexi must haven’t told you about me,” Kane said. “Oh, she have… which is why I refuse to let you raise a finger at her,” Carson said. 

“Baby, it’s okay. I can handle him,” Lexi said. Carson looked Kane up and down, and then he went to check on Kane Jr., who was leaning against the passenger door of Carson’s truck. “You better get ya man in check,” Kane said, with a smirk. 

“Or what? 

You’re going to beat him like you used to beat me? In case you haven’t noticed, Carson is all man. He’s not afraid of men who beat on women, or men who pay other men to fight their battles,” Lexi said. Kane lifted his shirt a little, to show his gun. Lexi laughed. 

“Is that supposed to scare me?” she said. “It should. If my kids weren’t out here, I’d blast both of y’all, but you know what, I won’t. I think I’m going to much rather enjoy your life crumble before your eyes. 

When he realizes that you ain’t nothing, you ain’t got nothing, and ain’t bout nothing, he’ll leave. You’ll never have a man, or find happiness again, outside of me. You were born broke, and you’ll die broke and alone. If it wasn’t for my kids, you would’ve been dead,” Kane said. Lexi held a death stare, then she said. 

“Kane, I’m no longer afraid of you. I’ve forgiven you for everything, and I mean everything, you’ve done to me… but oh, how miserable you must be, to still hate me. What did I do to you, to make you hate me this long? It’s been eight years. Let me go,” Lexi said. 

“Let you go?” Kane said, with a smirk. “In case you didn’t see that pretty little thing, that came with me, I’m going to call her back over, so you can get a double take,” Kane said. “No thanks. Bye, Kane, and have my kids back at a decent hour, tomorrow night. I’ll meet you at your mom’s house to pick them up,” Lexi said. 

“You think you’re something. I got ten of you,” Kane said. “I know it’s hard for you to get over losing me, but it’s time to move on, Kane. You won’t have any peace, until you let me go. I’m happy. 

I’ve moved on with my life. Isn’t it time that you stop faking, and do the same?” Lexi said, before walking away. “Come on, son. Let’s roll,” Kane said. “I’m not going. 

I have practice in the morning,” Kane Jr. said. “I know; I’ll take you,” Kane said. “What about my uniform?” Kane Jr. said. “We’ll drop it off at your grandmother’s house. Just go… even if it’s just to be with your sister, son,” Lexi said. 

Lexi kissed Kane Jr. on the forehead, and gave him a hug. “I love you son,” she said. “I love you too, mom,” he said. Lexi walked Kane Jr. over to Kane’s car. “Trinity, give momma a hug, before you leave,” Lexi said. Trinity got out of the car and hugged Lexi. 

Lexi kissed her on the forehead too, and then she told her that she loved her and she’d see her tomorrow. 

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