Fires and burns 

Part 1

Love and success part 6: The finale Shubricca L Bell

Joe expresses his true feelings about Jessica on their final date and Jessica feels the same way. Charlotte refuses to leave the show without telling Joe that she is in love with him. America decides which couple is truly in love. Background music ➫︎ Beautiful Piano by LesFM | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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On my momma.

“Well looka here. What do we have here?” Kane said, while scrolling through the Gram, and stopping on a video of his children’s mother, Lexi. She was showcasing a huge diamond on her ring finger. Then a man came up behind her, hugging her waist, and kissing her on the cheek. Lexi, put one hand over the man’s hand, and she rubbed his head with the other. 

“I love you baby,” the man said. “I love you too,” Lexi said, with a smile. “Lexi’s comment section was crazy. Everyone wanted to know who this mystery man was. Was Lexi engaged? 

Is she married? Was it a promise ring? No, the diamond was too big to be a promise ring, and Lexi was too old for that. Where did this mystery man come from? “He’s fine, fine! So, this is what you’ve been doing…” one commenter wrote. 

Lexi liked a few of the comments, but she didn’t respond to her followers. The people close to her knew who Carson was. “I’m so happy for you two,” her best friend wrote. “Y’all look good, bruh,” Carson brother wrote. “Oh, hell nawl. 

Lexi’s married? When did this happen?” Kane said, before he screen shot a part of the video of Lexi and Carson. He then printed the picture of them. He refused to allow Lexi to be happy. Although they had been divorced for eight years, and he had a different girlfriend each of those years, he hadn’t truly moved on. 

Kane would always post him and whatever girlfriend he was with on social media. They’d take pictures on yachts, five star resorts, visiting other countries, and more. The world would think he was living his best life, but inside, he wasn’t over Lexi, and he refused to see her happy. He put roots on her when they were going through a divorce. He attacked her finances and her love life. 

For a long time, Lexi wondered why she couldn’t be happy like Kane seemed. She wanted to post pictures like he did, to show him and the world that she too was happy. Lexi also had a hard time finding a good job. She struggled a lot, and Kane refused to help her with the kids, for a long time. Lexi went through a deep depression for years. 

Three years after their divorce, one of Kane’s ex girlfriends told Lexi that Kane had rooted her. The woman told Lexi to get out of the city. She said, as long as Lexi remained in New Orleans, she would be under a curse. Not long after that, Lexi moved to Atlanta. She and her two kids, lived with her best friend for six months, until Lexi was on her feet. 

When Lexi left New Orleans, she had nothing, and now, four and a half years later, she works as a nurse, at Grady. Kane calls the kids every now and then, and he comes and get them for two weeks during the summer. He and Lexi’s relationship is strictly about coparenting. For the last two years, Kane had gotten better at helping with the kids. He would help buy school clothes, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts, which was an upgrade from him doing nothing for six years. 

Kane and Lexi’s children are fourteen and ten. After Kane printed the picture out, he put it in his pants pocket, and then he called his kids. He wanted to see if he could get info about this mystery man, but he played it cool. Summer was in three months, so he pretended to be calling about a summer vacation. “Hey, dad,” Kane Jr. said, answering the phone. 

“Hey son. How’s the man of the house doing?” Kane said. “I’m aight,” Kane Jr. said. “Good, good. You’re still holding things down?” Kane said. 

“Yeah. When are you coming to visit? Trinity has been asking about you. She said, she’s been calling you. She has a recital coming up. 

It would mean the world to her if you could make it,” Kane Jr. said. “I haven’t received any calls from Trinity, but then again, I’ve been traveling a lot for work. Depending on the area, the reception can suck. Know what I mean, son?” Kane said. “Yeah, I guess,” Kane Jr. said. 

“Hey, KJ! I was about to go grab something for dinner. Any suggestions?” Carson said. “Oh, let’s roll,” Kane Jr. said. “Okay, cool. 

I’ll be in the car,” Carson said. “Who’s that?” Kane said. “I’m right behind you,” Kane Jr. said, to Carson. “Dad, I have to go, but call Trinity. She can tell you more about the recital than I can,” Kane Jr. said. 

“Okay, son. Call me back soon. I want to discuss summer vacation plans,” Kane said. “Oh yeah? I’m trying to go to Dubai,” Kane Jr. said, with excitement.

“Dubai?” Kane said, with a laugh. “Do you even have a passport?” he said. “Yeah. Carson got me and Trinity a passport. Ahhh shhh,” Kane Jr. said, realizing he had talked too much. 

“Who’s Carson?” Kane said. “I gotta go, dad. I’ll call you later. Love you, bye,” Kane Jr. said, before quickly ending the call. “Love you too son,” Kane said, with a smirk. 

“Hmph. Carson, huh? Kane said, as he went to Lexi’s page, and viewed the video once more. “Clown,” he said, while watching as Carson hugged Lexi from behind. “Say goodbye to your little happily ever after, Lexi. On my momma, you’ll never have love outside of me.”

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