Comfort zones don’t keep you safe, they keep you trapped.

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Mind right affirmation 12: Even in my distress, I will rest in the power of God. Shubricca L Bell

God is with us in every situation, even in times of distress. It is during times of distress that we need to remind ourselves of the power of God that is at work within us, and with Him we will not only get through and come out of every obstacle we face, but we will come out better than we were before. In Jesus name.  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Mind right affirmation 12: Even in my distress, I will rest in the power of God.
  2. Mind right affirmation 11: My works charge my faith
  3. Mind right affirmation 10: It's not on me, it's inside of me.
  4. Mind right affirmation 9- a meditation: I am healed, I am at grateful, I am at peace.
  5. Pumpkin Patch Love (Part 2): Two people, one wish.

So, I was reading this article about a woman who had a cougar as a pet. Apparently, she had raised the animal since he/she was a baby. Eventually, the animal had to go to a sanctuary, and the owner cried. I didn’t get too deep into the story, but immediately, after just reading the title, God gave me a story, inspired by that one.

 I was just wondering why was I back on one of my social media pages, when I had just logged off… God works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes, we don’t know who we are. We’re born into certain families, experience different traumas, and sometimes we find ourselves trapped in situations that we think are our comfort zone, when really, that “safe place” is keeping us from who God has called us to be. So, the place is really more like a prison, but because we’ve been “in that place” for so long, it feels like home… My God! 

All too often we think that what we’re used to is what’s best for us, and that is not always the case. Sometimes, our friends and loved ones have good intentions for us, but their intentions for us, isn’t always God’s plan for us. Staying with said loved one or family member, or doing what they believe is best-even if it takes a negative toll on your well-being, could be ones downfall. Trying to live up to other’s expectations, just to make them happy, could not only keep you from being the best version of who God created you to be, but it could also cause you misery.

I was thinking about how the cougar’s home had been with this woman for years, so the animal only knew what the woman had taught it. It didn’t know how to be what God created a cougar to be, living free in the wild… It only knew how to be a cat. How many of us are being a regular cat instead of a cougar? Are you living up to your full potential, or are you living up to what your friends, family, or society, tells you that you should be? 

That’s no way to live, that’s misery, and the sad part is, many of us don’t realize how staying in a place that we were never meant to stay in, is prison! It is not freedom. It was great that the animal went to a sanctuary, because it wouldn’t have known how to be a cougar in the wild… it only knew how to be a house cat. We can’t grow right, in the wrong environment… I wonder what the cougar could have been in the wild; I wonder what many of us could be if we get out of our own heads, our comfort zones, and generational burdens we were born into.

There were a family of cats living in our yard. Sometimes, we’d watch as the mom taught the cats many things as babies, but now, the cats are bigger, and they no longer live in our yard. I often see them near the woods were I live. Even these very small cats know that they can’t stay in a place that they were never meant to stay in too long. If they did, they’d probably die. 

If the cats sat in our yard doing nothing all day and night, it wouldn’t give them the physical activities necessary to stay healthy. It definitely wouldn’t give them all the food they need to stay alive. I mean, obviously, they had what they needed to survive as babies, but when they got bigger, they realized they had to use the skills that their mom taught them in our yard, to go venture out and find bigger and better meals, as well as bigger and better places to live/explore. Being everything God called you to be, can be scary. There are a lot of comfort zones we must get over.

The first step is to realize that the comfort zone is a hurdle. Comfort zones don’t keep us safe, they keep us trapped. We’re put in certain places for a season. Sometimes, we stay in that season too long, when we’re supposed to be enjoying everything the other seasons has to offer. Don’t ever allow anyone, not even yourself to keep you comfortable…

Being comfortable doesn’t equate to be safe… Comfort is just something you’re used to, and that’s not necessarily always a good thing. If you know anything about God, He didn’t call us to live in our comfort zones. We become our best selves when we do what we’re not used to. One of my favorite quotes is, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” -Albert Einstein 

You don’t have to be a product of your environment. You don’t have to live under the same generational curse as your ancestors. You don’t have to be who people want you to be, in order to be loved and accepted. Free yourself from your comfort zones, and follow the vision that God has given you concerning your life. I know it’s scary, but trust that God will equip you with everything you need, in order for you to be everything He created you to be. ♥️

God bless.

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