We’re not the real enemy.

Pay attention to what’s going on… The enemy has a history of first dividing and then conquering. This has been done since the beginning, before he got kicked out of heaven. He caused division in Heaven and a third of angels followed him. He caused division between us and God, when he tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.

He caused division throughout the ages, using different scenarios but always the same method… If he can divide people, he can conquer them and ultimately destroy them. We need to stop fighting each other and fight the real enemy! When we think of each other as the enemy, we remain blind to the evil that is brewing right in our faces, and the sad part is, you and I aren’t responsible for the evil that’s brewing, but the father of lies and master manipulator of this world will convince you and I that we are responsible, and the only way to “fix” the evil that’s brewing is to listen to him… Don’t be sheep.

The real war doesn’t have anything to do with the small distractions thrown our way. The real war doesn’t have anything to do with petty matters and our differences in the way we live and think. The real war is over your soul. Let’s stop fighting each other and put our faith in God, and allow him to lead us. The only one who rules in fear, or who rules by making people do things, or manipulates people into doing things, is the enemy.

God leads with love and gives us free will. Now that’s the love of a Father and ONE who knows He’s All Powerful. God doesn’t use manipulation to make things happen because His Word doesn’t return to Him void. It accomplishes what He sends it to do. He cannot lie, and He is not a human being that he should lie or repent.

God doesn’t have to scramble to make people do anything. He doesn’t operate in anxiety or fear because He is God. He knows who He is, and as children of God, it’s high time we recognize who we are and stop walking in the fears and anxieties of this world that has caused division between mankind since the beginning. The real enemy isn’t a person… it’s the enemy behind the person…. Recognize Him, armor up, and by the authority and power of Jesus Christ, FIGHT!

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