This is not your end.

Sometimes God seems unbothered by what we go through because He already knows we’ll get through it. You see, we are in the thick of it, and He’s at the end of it, but even though He’s at the end, He’s with you every step. Going through is never fun. All we see is our problems, all we feel is our pain. All we do is beg God to take the pain away.

Sometimes we even ask Him why. But we’ll never understand the why when we’re going through, so instead of worrying about why, just focus on Who. Who He is. Praise Him even when it hurts. Praise Him even when it’s difficult to understand. Praise Him despite what you feel.

Praise Him for what you know. He is God. He is King of the universe. He is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing. Merciful, loving, graceful, forgiving, ruler of all things, all things were created for Him and by Him, and He’s our Father, Friend, and our God. Knowing that God is all these things and more and realizing that as His child we have access to His power through Jesus will help you get through anything you go through because this part of your story is not your ending.

The world didn’t conquer Jesus, Jesus conquered the world. He went through more than any of us. He went through this and could have used His power to send us all to hell, but His focus was on the will of God, EVEN when it hurt Him and when He didn’t want to do it, He did it because He trusted God more. We have to be the same way. We will never be Jesus, but we must be Christlike, knowing that we will reign with Him as well.

This world and the things and problems thereof will not last, and neither will your problems. This part of your story will one day be a major testimony and only a piece to a even more powerful story. Stay the course. There’s purpose in your pain. ♥️ Love you.

For more insight, check out my book, “How to let go and let God.” Link is below.

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