You’re deserving of love. ♥️

When you’ve been misused in past relationships, and you finally find someone who loves you right, it’s scary. Some will try to sabotage the new relationship because they expect it to go downhill like all the rest, and in order to protect themself, they either build a wall or they hurt the person before they can hurt them. But don’t be afraid of love, don’t be afraid to love, and don’t allow what went wrong in your past to cause you to believe you’re unworthy of love. Be vulnerable, be loving, and be brave. The worst that could happen is that it could come to an end, but guess what, at least you didn’t hold back!

At least you were yourself, and at least whatever you gave was genuine. Stop being afraid to lose people. You’re only going to lose the one(s) who isn’t meant to stay. You’re not for everyone and that’s okay, but if you put God at the forefront, love and respect yourself first, be yourself, and be fearless when it comes to love… the right one will find you…

Love you. ♥️

Check out my book, “One for the reason of love.” Click the link below. ⇩︎

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