Carrie, Carly, & Candi. Part 4 (Final)

“Two days before prom, and he asks me to be his prom date. I don’t know if I want him anymore. He missed Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and now that Prom is almost here, he wants to kiss and make up like everything is all good! He probably thinks he’s going to get lucky on prom night, but nope. I don’t even want him anymore. 

Throw the whole ex boyfriend away,” Candi said. Carly laughed, as she sat a small plate of goat cheese with garlic, herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and capers, down on the kitchen table, alongside a basket of sliced french baguettes. “Girl, you are too much,” Carly said. “I’m serious, and what’s this? This is new,” Candi said. 

“Just put it on the freaking bread and eat it,” Carly said. “Is it cream cheese? It’s goat cheese. You’ve had goat cheese before,” Carly said. “But not like this,” Candi said.

“Just try it. I promise you’ll like it,” Carly said, before spreading the cheese on a baguette for Candi. She handed it to her. “Here, eat it. I won’t be done cooking until another thirty minutes,” Carly said. 

Then she took a sip of wine and bit into a slice of the baguette with goat cheese. “Mmm! It hits different with this white wine,” Carly said. “Hmm. Yeah, it’s pretty good,” Candi said, after taking a bite. 

“I told you!” “Why are you in such a cooking mood,” Candi said. “I’m a chef. I’m always in a cooking mood,” Carly said. “I know that, but it’s not everyday that you make a three course meal,” Candi said. 

“It’s actually five. Quincy is going to bring a salad and dessert,” Carly said. “Ouu! You’re talking about your ‘friend’ Quincy from your job?” Candi said. “I knew you liked him. 

I could tell by how the two of you were flirting the other day, when me and mom came to have lunch with you on your job,” Candi said. “Girl, whatever. He’s just a friend,” Carly said. “But he’s bringing the salad and dessert?” Candi said. “Yes! 

What?” Carly said, with a blush, before taking another sip of wine. Then Candi murmured under her breath, “Um… more like he’s tossing your salad for dessert,” Candi said. Carly spit out her wine from laughter. 

“You’re so annoying,” she said. “Well, if being real is annoying, call me Candi Kardashian,” Candi said.” “Girl, bye. Something is seriously wrong with you,” Carly said. “I know, but you love me,” Candi said. 

“I have no choice. You’re my sister,” Carly joked. “Whatever. I’m going upstairs to make a phone call,” Candi said. “You don’t have to sneak call your ex. 

I already know you’re calling to tell him yes, after you’ve talked all that mess about him,” Carly said. “Whatever,” Candi said. The door bell rang. Candi went to open the door, it was Carly’s friend. “Alright kids, I’m going upstairs. 

No salad tossing on the kitchen table,” Candi said. “Candi!” Carly said. Candi giggled, and went up stairs. “She’s a hot mess. Sorry about that, Quincy,” Carly said.

Carrie was still at her Florist shop, working on some last minute orders. Emily came by the shop to order flowers. She and Ian are having a meet baby party. “I didn’t even know that was a thing. Aren’t the twins like three months now?” Carrie said. 

“Yes, and it’s the perfect time for people to meet our little ones,” Emily said. “Lord. You’ve always been so extra. What type of flowers do you have in mind?” Carrie said. One of the twin boys began to cry, and then the other. 

“Just one sec, Carrie,” Emily said, as she picked one baby up, and then picked up the other one. “It’s going to be hard for you to look through the book and hold both babies. Come,” Carrie said, motioning her hands for Emily to give her a baby. “Oh, yeah… okay. Thanks,” Emily said. 

“No problem,” Carrie said. The little one laid his head on Carrie’s shoulder. “Awww! He likes you Carrie! Don’t they just make your uterus jump! 

More babies! More babies!” Emily said, with a laugh. “No thanks,” Carrie said. I don’t want anymore, but if that’s what your uterus is saying, then you and Ian have at it,” Carrie said. “Oh, care bear, you’re the sweetest,” Emily said. 

“Don’t call me that. We’ve just become cool again. Don’t push it,” Carrie said. Emily laughed, “Okay, sorry.” “Alright; just look in the book and tell me what types of flowers and designs you’re thinking about,” Carrie said. 

Later, Carrie made it home just in time to enjoy the entree and dessert with her family and Quincy. After dinner Carly and Quincy went on a movie date. Carrie and Candi stayed home and played board games. “So, are you going to prom with your ex?” Carrie said. “Yes, but only as friends. 

I don’t want him to think that he can get back in that easily. He’s going to work to earn me,” Candi said. “Oh, okay. Whatever you say, Ms. Thing. “It’s crazy, because time away from him, has taught me how to live without him.

He asked me if I wanted to hang out at the arcade today, but I don’t even want to be around him like that anymore. We are going shopping for his tux tomorrow because we have to be matching. Do you have the wrist corsage and boutonnière ready?” Candi said. “Yes, ma’am. The flowers are all ready to go,” Carrie said. 

“Thanks, mom. You’re so awesome,” Candi said. “Aww. That’s so sweet, and you’re welcome,” Carrie said, before yawning. “Are you sleepy?” Candi said. 

Carrie yawned twice more before she could answer. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Candi said. “We can finish the game first,” Carrie said. “It’s okay, mom. Get some rest. 

Candi began to put the board game away, but she looked as if something was on her mind. “What’s wrong?” Carrie said. “Nothing, I’m fine,” Candi said in a nonchalant manner. “Candi, it’s okay to go to the arcade with him. If you really like someone, don’t allow fear to cause you to pretend as if you don’t.

I know that you’re trying to protect your heart, and it’s going to take a while for you to trust him again, but for now, go have fun. Don’t punish yourself… You know that you want to anyway,” Carrie said. “Why are you always right?” Candi said. “I’m not always right, but I’m your mom, and I know you,” Carrie said, before hugging Candi. 

“I love you,” Carrie said. “I love you too, mom. I’m going to call him right now.” Candi decided to go to the arcade. Carrie went upstairs to shower and go to bed.

The day of prom came and it was one of Candi’s best days of her life. They took plenty of pictures and danced the night away. Candi didn’t get chosen as prom queen, but she was happy just the same, and congratulated her classmate who did. She and her ex finally got a chance to talk about what they both have been feeling, and he apologized for hurting her. Candi accepted his apology, and they became girlfriend and boyfriend again, but Candi insisted that the two of them take things slow.

As they danced to the last slow song, she laid her head on his chest and they danced beneath 

the star ceiling. When she got back home, they kissed on the porch, before saying, goodnight. When Candi came inside the house, she wore a huge smile. “Ouu! I know what that smile means,” Carly said.

“Did you enjoy your night, honey?” Carrie said. “Yes, it was perfect,” Candi said. “I’m glad, Carrie said. “Deets, please!” Carly said. “Sorry, Carly. 

I don’t kiss and tell, sis,” Candi said. “Ouu! So, there was a kiss!” Carly said. “Oh, you’re definitely giving us the details,” she said. “Well, if you insist,” Candi said, with a blush, before spilling the beans.

A week later, the ladies went to Ian and Emily’s for their twins meet baby party. “The flower arrangements are beautiful. I’ve been looking for a florist for my wedding,” one of Ian’s colleagues said. “Well, look no further. The mastermind behind this masterpiece is my friend, Carrie,” Emily said, before introducing the woman to Carrie.  

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and each had their chance to either hold both babies or one of them. “They’re so stinking cute,” a guest said, as she admired the babies who’d grown tired from their party. “Thank you,” both Ian and Emily said. Ian held one baby and Emily held the other. “I just love babies. 

I would be glad to babysit anytime,” the woman said. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but these guys are already double trouble. Isn’t that right?” Candi said, before she began to play with both babies little feet. The babies smiled, as they laid their heads on their parents shoulders. “Family portrait time,” the photographer said.

“Okay, can we get a picture of only the babies first?” Emily said. “Of course,” the photographer said, before putting a couple of props on the sofa. Emily and Ian sat the babies down, but they both began to cry. “They’re tired,” Emily said. “Maybe we should only do the family portraits,” she said. 

“No, it’s fine. I’m a pro when it comes to babies portraits. I know how to keep them up long enough for a picture. The photographer made funny noises and then he tickled the babies with a small giraffe. They both laughed, and the photographer took a perfect photo. 

Ian, Emily, and the twins took a photo next. Then Carly and Candi joined the photo, but before the photographer took the photo, Emily said, “Carrie! Come on!” She motioned for Carrie to share a family portrait. “Oh, no. 

It’s fine. I’m good,” Carrie said. “Come on care bear. You’re family too,” Ian said. “Come on, mom,” both Carly and Candi said. 

“On the count of three, say, ‘we are family,’ the photographer said. “One, two, three.” “We are family,” everyone said, with a big smile. Just then, the DJ began to play, Sister Sledge, “We are family.” Carly and Candi held the babies and danced, while Emily and Carrie showed off their old school dance moves and Ian cheered them on.

The End. 

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