Speed dating part 5 (Final part)

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Zoe and Gena had flew out to Miami, his hometown. His uncle was celebrating a birthday, and they were on a yacht partying. Gena facetimed Toya and Bentley. She seemed to be having a good time with Zoe. “What you doing baby?” Zoe said, while handing Gena a glass of champagne. 

“Talking to my besties,” Gena said. “Hey, besties,” Zoe said, with a wave, and without really looking into the phone. Toya was a little triggered, but she appeared to be unbothered. After they talked on the phone for about five minutes, they ended the call. Toya went to the gym to blow some steam off, and Apollo was there. 

They had went dancing the night before and they had a good time, but she hadn’t talked to him since. “Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here? How are you?” Apollo said. “I’m good, just had to hit the gym right quick to blow some steam off,” she said. “You know, there’s another good way to blow steam off,” Apollo said. 

“Really, what’s that?” Toya said, in a dry tone. “We could.” Toya cut him off. “Unh, unh. Let me stop you right there. Look, you’re fine and all, but I’m not trying to have sex with you,” Toya said. 

“Who said anything about sex? I was going to see if you wanted to come by the studio, maybe listen to a little music. If you want, we can have a few drinks and talk about whatever you’re going through,” Apollo said. “Nah, I’m good. I’ve heard about your little studio rendezvous,” Toya said. 

Apollo laughed, “Studio rendezvous? What are you talking about?” he said, with a smirk. “My girl Gena told me about how heated things got between you and her the other night,” she said. “Gena, wait, you’re friends?” he said. “Yes, best friends,” Toya said. 

“Wooow, I didn’t know,” he said. “Yeah, so I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to date, but we can be friends, without benefits,” Toya said. “I’m fine with that,” Apollo said. The next day, the ladies met at Bentley’s house for cocktails. When Gena arrived, Toya was already there. 

“Hey, ladies,” Gena said, in a cheerful tone. “Hey boo, you’ve got a tan,” Bentley said. “I know girl,” I forgot my sunscreen, but whatever. I’m ready to have cocktails with my besties,” Gena said. “Yes, I got you. 

I’ve already hooked you up. A margarita with salt and two limes. So, how was Miami?” Bentley said. “Thank you boo! Girl, Miami is always a blast,” Gena said.

Toya was seated on the couch looking stale faced.  “Hey, Toya. What’s wrong with you?” Gena said. “Hey, nothing,” Toya said, dryly. “Unh, unhh,” Gena said, before sitting next to Toya and hugging her with one arm. 

“What’s wrong, bestie?” Gena said. “I slept with him,” Toya said. “Who? Apollo’s fine self? Girl, was it that bad, or was it that good? 

Details P-LEASE!” Gena said. “I slept with Zoe,” Toya said. Gena took her arm from around Toya. “What? When? 

The other night? I knew it! I knew that you were hiding something the other day. Why didn’t you tell us?” Gena said. Bentley scratched her head and began to look around the room. 

“Wait, you told Bentley and not me?” Gena said. “So, the two of you are talking behind my back?” Gena said. “Gena, it’s not even like that,” Bentley said. “Listen, I didn’t tell Bentley, she already knew. You know that lawyers can sense things.” 

“Unh, unh,” Gena said, cutting Toya off. “I don’t want to hear that crap, Toya. Why are you telling me this now? I really like him. Have the two of you talked since?” Gena said. 

“You really like him? I thought that we were all just having fun? What happened to this being an experiment?” Y’all words, not mine,” Toya said. “Hell, I didn’t expect to fall for him so fast; I just did. 

Do you have feelings for him?” Gena said. No. I don’t want him! I just don’t want anything weird to be between you and me if the two of you did become serious,” Toya said. “Listen, I went to Miami with him, but we didn’t have sex. 

I meant what I said about focusing on me, and waiting until I am in a committed relationship to have sex. I do like him though, and I plan on spending more time with him, but I won’t if it’s going to cost me my best friend,” Gena said. “Speak now or forever hold your peace, Toya,” Bentley said, before taking a sip of her margarita. “Girl, if you’re happy with Zoe, and you can live with the fact that we had sex, go head, sis. I won’t stand in the way of your happiness,” Toya said. 

“Are you sure?” Gena said. “I am,” Toya said. Gena hugged Toya. “Okay, because I’ll cut him off if you want me to,” she said. Toya was lying though. She didn’t want Gena to get involved with a man she had sex with.

In Bentley’s head, she was thinking, “Oh Lord, this is NOT going to end well. Gena does fall in love fast, maybe she should end things while it’s still fresh. Who am I to say anything though? If they’re all cool with whatever this is, I don’t have anything to say.” Therefore, she didn’t.

Later that night, Toya couldn’t sleep, so she sent a late night text to Apollo.

To: Apollo 👋🏾😍🧔🏾

You up? 

To: Toya 


To: Apollo 👋🏾😍🧔🏾

You want some company?

To: Toya


To: Apollo 👋🏾😍🧔🏾

I’m omw!

To: Toya

Say less

Everything Toya had told herself, went out the window. She was stressed and needed to relive some tension asap. When Apollo opened the door, Toya wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. Apollo closed the door. “Are you sure that you want to do this?” he said. 

“Shhh! She said, putting her index finger over his lips. “Okay. I just don’t want you to wake up in the morning with regrets,” Apollo said. The word regret triggered the mistake she made by sleeping with Zoe. 

Toya burst into tears. “What’s wrong,” Apollo said, before the two of them sat on the couch. He rubbed her back, and gave her a couple of tissues out of the box on the end table. “Thanks,” Toya said. “No problem, but talk to me. 

What’s on your mind?” he said. Toya didn’t give him all the details, but she did tell him that she was losing her best friend. She explained how her best friend is doing something that she doesn’t agree with, but she didn’t speak up about it, because her friend seems happy, and she didn’t want to ruin her friend’s happiness. Apollo told her, that she shouldn’t fall out with her best friend over a misunderstanding. He told her to communicate how she really feels with her friend, and maybe the two of them could find a middle ground.

He told her that true friendship is rare, so she should do what she needed to do to maintain the trust between her and her friend. Toya agreed, and thanked Apollo for his advice. “Wooo! I feel so much better. Thank you for listening, and for the advice,” Toya said. 

“No doubt. See, I’m not a bad guy,” Apollo said. “No, you’re not.. but, you are a guy though,” Toya said, with a laugh. Apollo smiled, “I couldn’t deny it if I wanted to, but, hey, do you want something to drink? 

I can get you some coffee, water, or juice or something. I apologize for not asking you earlier, but.” Toya, cut him off. “I know. It’s fine, but yes. 

I’ll take that cup of coffee,” she said. When Apollo got back with the coffee, Toya had fallen asleep on his couch. He placed a cover over her, and he camped out on the floor, next to her. That was the beginning of their friendship, and as much as they thought about being with each other in a sexual way, neither of them crossed that line. For now, truly getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company was more important than sex.

Bentley continued to date Donald and James. She wasn’t having sex with them, only dating. Both of them had qualities she liked, but she wasn’t cutting one off until one of them wanted a monogamous relationship with her. Weeks went by and Gena was falling more and more in love with Zoe. Gena was going to every one of Zoe’s games and she was all over the blogs as “Fashion Stylist, bags Zoe.” 

There was a picture of the two of them kissing after a game. Toya had gotten over Zoe and was happy for her friend. She was more focused on her cosmetic company. Toya appeared on Apollo’s podcast a couple of times, to give business tips that she’s learned for small business owners. She and Apollo did everything together.

Apollo was the Godsend that Toya didn’t know she needed. He respected her, listened to her, shared his wisdom with her, and helped her grow mentally and emotionally. She didn’t think good guys existed before Apollo, but their friendship gave her a different perspective. She knew that in her past, she had been going about life the wrong way. Apollo’s mindset helped her to confront her demons, and heal from her childhood traumas of rejection.

Apollo had strong feelings for Toya, but he was patient with her, and stayed in the friend zone until she was ready. Neither of them were dating anyone. Toya needed time to find herself, and she needed someone who would be her friend first and patient in the process. Apollo already knew that one day she would be his, so there was no need for him to move too fast. He knew that she would be his wife, the first day he saw her in the gym.

Apollo never told Toya any of this, but sometimes, she also fantasized about their friendship turning into marriage. One day, out of the blue, Toya got a text message from Zoe. “What does he want?” she said.

To: Toya

Wyd? Come see me.

To: Zoe


Toya didn’t know if Zoe knew that she and Gena was best friends, or if this was Gena testing her, or what. She was about to go off on him, but she deleted the text.

To: Toya

Send me your location. I’ll have my driver to come pick you up.

Toya couldn’t believe that Zoe was going behind Gena’s back trying to get in where he once fit in. Toya thought about telling Zoe that she and Gena are best friends and she didn’t appreciate him going behind Gena’s back, trying to have sex with her, but then she thought about it. He would probably switch the story up and say that Toya came on to him. So, Toya called Gena and told her what was going on. She sent screenshots of the texts as receipts.

“Tell him to send the driver, and go over his house. I’m going to show up too and confront him,” Gena said. “Are you sure?” Toya said. The two of you have only been dating a month. Wouldn’t it just be easier to cut his trifling butt off, and never talk to him again?” Toya said. 

“No, because he made me fall in love with him, during a time when I was no longer looking for love. He came and interrupted my life, so I’m going to interrupt his little sneaky link plans. When the driver pulled into the gate, Gena snuck in. She had gotten an Uber to drop her off a couple of blocks away. When Zoe opened the door, and seen the two of them, his eyes got big, and his heart started beating fast. 

“What the… Hey, baybeee!” he said, to Gena. “Don’t hey baby me. Why are you texting my best friend behind my back?” she said. “Your best friend? 

I didn’t know she was your best friend, baby,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if she’s my best friend or not, why are you texting another woman behind my back?” she said. “I’m just saying, baby. It’s not like you’ve been taking care of me. I have needs,” Zoe said. 

Gena slapped Zoe. “Don’t ever call me again, as a matter of fact, lose my number. “Damn, baby. It’s like that,” he said. “Just like that,” Gena said. 

“Are you sure that the two of you don’t want to come in? There’s enough love to go around! Toya, you already know, I can go for rounds,” he said, with a wink. “You’re disgusting, Zoe. Lose my number too,” she said. 

Zoe laughed. “Aww, come on!” he said. The ladies walked away towards the car. “Man, hurry up and get them out of here,” Zoe told his driver. When Gena got into the car, she cried. 

“I can’t believe he did me like that. As soon as I let my guard down, and decide to be all in, this is what I get? It wasn’t even about the money for me. He’s just like the rest of these dudes. They don’t really love you; they just want to show you off, like a chain, a watch, or rims on a car,” she said. 

They seem to love you more when you don’t care about them,” she cried. I’m going back to the old Gena. Trying to be a better person doesn’t change the quality of people you attract; I know that now. The driver gave Gena a box of Kleenex. “Thank you,” she said. 

“No problem, but if you don’t mind me saying, not all men are like that. You both deserve better. Don’t give up on love. It’s out there. Just don’t let someone who loved you the wrong way, keep you from being the loving person you are. 

He didn’t appreciate you, but the right one for you, will,” the driver said. “Aww, that’s so sweet. I’m sorry, but what’s your name again?” Gena said. “I’m Sean,” the driver said. “Well, thanks for that, Sean. 

“You’re welcome,” he said, as he looked at her in his rearview mirror, with a smile. When Gena got home, she noticed Sean had slid his number in the box of tissues. “Call me, if you ever want to talk,” the note said. Gena thought that Sean was sweet, but men were tricky too. He could have been trying to take advantage of her in a moment of weakness. 

Sean wasn’t the type of man that Gena would usually date, and although she didn’t know his true motives, she still kept his number. After a month, she decided to give him a call. That was one of the best decisions she’s ever made because Sean became the love of her life. Sean was unlike any of the men Gena had dated in the past. After six months of dating, he asked Gena to marry him, and six months after that, they were married. 

Bentley and Donald had been exclusive now for nine months, and Toya was still single, but she was happy and whole. Apollo was her date for the wedding, and when Gena threw the bouquet, Toya caught it. After waving the bouquet in the air, and doing a little victory dance, she walked over to Apollo. He smiled, and pulled her in with a hug. Then he kissed her forehead. She looked up at him, and he looked down into her eyes, and they shared their first kiss. 

The End.

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