Speed dating. Part 4

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“This view is a-mazing,” Toya said, as she walked out of the loft apartment and onto the patio overlooking downtown Atlanta. “So, what’s a ball player doing at Speed dating?” Toya said, before she took a sip of her champagne. “I’m always down to try anything once,” Zoe said. “Oh, really. I’ll keep that in mind,” Toya said, with a flirty smirk. 

“Wait, what’s that smirk about?” Zoe said. “Nothing… I’m just taking notes,” Toya said. “Are they good or bad notes?” Zoe said. “Bad, but in a good way,” Toya said, with a wink. Okay, okay, I hear you, Ms. Toya baby,” Zoe said. 

“You hear me?” Toya said. “Loud and clear,” Zoe said. “But do you feel me though?” Toya said. Zoe pulled Toya close, “I’m definitely feeling you,” he said. They looked into each other’s eyes. 

Sexual tension was in the air. Had they not been at a party, they would have stripped each other’s clothes off and got it on, on the balcony. “You want to get out of here?” Zoe said. Now usually, Toya would have went with the flow, but for some reason, what would Gena do, was going through her mind. Although the women agreed that they would trade personalities only during speed dating, Toya thought she’d try doing things Gena’s way. 

Maybe it would land her a title. Toya wanted a title more than anything. She was tired of giving herself to men, only to be ghosted, or to only remain friends with benefits. So what would Gena do? Gena would basically let guys know that if they wanted to play, they would have to pay, but she’d do it in subtle way. 

With all of this in mind, Toya asked Zoe, “What do you have in mind?” “I’m thinking, you and me, at my place. A little music, a little champagne, a few candles,” Zoe said. Toya laughed, we have all of that here,” she said. “Yeah, but what we don’t have, is privacy,” Zoe said. 

“I don’t know. I need to get some rest, I have to open my store in the morning, and there’s a ton of paperwork that I need to get a jumpstart on,” Toya said, before Zoe cut her off. “Look, I promise not to keep you up all night, unless you want me to,” Zoe said, as he took Toya’s champagne glass out of her hand and sat it on a table. He grabbed her hand and said, “Trust me,” then he led her downstairs to his car, where he then drove to his mansion. After about ten minutes of talking and siping champagne at Zoe’s place, things began to get heated. 

Zoe and Toya began to kiss. He started unbuttoning her shirt, and as much as she wanted it, she stopped him. “What would Gena do?” she thought to herself. “As much as I want this, I have to go,” she said. “Why?” Zoe said. 

“I have to be up in a few hours for work,” she said. “Take today off,” Zoe said. “Red flag,” Toya thought to herself. “No way. I have to work. 

There’s just a lot of things that I need to take care of,” she said. “Can’t someone else do them for you? You’re the boss lady. I’m sure that you can make some calls and ask someone to cover for you,” Zoe said. “Yeah, I could, but that would add to my labor costs, and I’m trying to cut labor costs right now,” she said. 

“Well, if it’s money you’re worried about, I got you,” Zoe said. “Damn, I can’t believe it worked,” Toya thought to herself. Zoe got a stack of money out of his safe. “Call whoever you need to call. Tell them to do you this favor, and tell them that you’ll throw in an extra bonus if they can cover for you,” Zoe said. 

Toya took the money, “Okay,” she said, with a smile. “I’m just going to call my assistant. I’ll be right back.” Toya went into the bathroom and counted the money. It was $10,000. 

“What?” she said, without making a sound. She called her assistant to see if she could cover for her, and she did mention the bonus. Her assistant agreed. Even if Zoe decided to ghost her tomorrow, she didn’t care, at least she got ten grand out of it. When she came out of the bathroom, she was only wearing heels…

On this same night, Gena and Apollo had went out for an intimate dinner. Gena really liked Apollo, mainly because he seemed different. He wasn’t just trying to get in her pants, he was genuinely interested in who she was, and because Gena wasn’t used to this, she felt the pressure to be who she was when she met him. “I love how passionate you are about your work. I’ve never met a woman like you. 

You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and passionate about your work. Why haven’t anyone swooped you up yet?” Apollo said. “I guess that I just haven’t found the right one,” Gena said. After dinner, Gena and Apollo went to his studio where he showed her how he made beats, and where he recorded his podcast. Many local artists came to his studio to record. 

Sparks began to fly, as Apollo stood behind Gena and moved her hand up and down the various keys on the soundboard. Normally, Gena would go with the vibe, especially if the bag was nice, but tonight, she wanted to do things differently. She wanted to see where things would land her if she held out, like Bentley. Bentley only had sex with men she was in a relationship with. Gena stopped Apollo, and told him that she really liked him, but she didn’t casually date… that was a lie. 

She casually dated, but for the most part, she kept a boyfriend. She was never single long. She’d breakup with a guy one day, and the next week, she’d be in a new relationship. Gena thought that if she changed her methods, maybe she’d get something long term, like marriage. So, she held out like Bentley, and their night ended with a goodnight kiss. 

Bentley went on a date with a guy who has a lot in common with her. They’re both from upper middle class homes. They both attended a HBCU. Both of them are lawyers. Last but not least, they both are ready to settle down, get married, and start a family.

“What’s on your mind?” James said. “You’ve been kinda quiet, since we left the aquarium.” “Oh, just this case I’m working on,” Bentley lied. She was really thinking about Donald. She really liked James though, but their connection was weakening because all she could think about was Donald. 

It wasn’t a coincidence that he showed up to speed dating and only talked with her. What was Donald up to? She didn’t know, but it was something about him that made her want to give him another chance. She just didn’t know what that something was. Bentley had to stop thinking about Donald though, she was out with James, and James was her ideal guy.

Bentley thought about what Toya would do. Toya was a fun girl, in Bentley’s eyes, so Bentley began to be flirty. James loved it. At first, he was worried that she was no longer interested, but he was relieved to see that she had come around. Bentley and James rode the Skyview Ferris Wheel, that night, and then they took a helicopter ride, where they shared their first kiss above the city’s lights. 

Bentley FaceTimed Gena and Toya the next day. “So, who are you going out with tonight, Bentley?” Gena said. “The Don,” Toya said. “No, I’m not,” Bentley said. “Okay, keep telling yourself that lie. 

Remember, you’re not in a courtroom. We know you,” Toya said. “Ouch,” Bentley said.  “Anyway, since Bentley’s in denial, who are you going out with tonight, Gena?” Toya said. “I’m going out with Zoe tonight,” Gena said. “The ball player, right?” Bentley said. 

“Yeah,” Gena said. “So, how was your date with him, Toya,” Bentley said. “It was cool. I mean, he was cool,” Toya said. She didn’t want to tell the ladies that she’d slept with Zoe. 

It was probably only a one time thing, it wasn’t serious to her. She wasn’t going to tell Gena not to go on a date with him. “Are you sure that you’re cool with me going out with him tonight?” Gena asked. “Girl, yes. Go have fun, besides, I have a date with Apollo tonight,” Toya said.

“Oh, wow. Gena, how did things go with him?” Bentley said. “So far, I really like him,” Gena said. “Wait, are you cool with me hanging with Apollo tonight?” Toya said. “Girl, yes. 

We’re really just having fun, right? It’s all just an experiment,” Gena said. The ladies got quiet. “Well, it was an experiment at first, but my goal is to find a husband,” Bentley said. “James is nothing like the guys I’d normally attract, and I think that my flirty ‘Toya’ personality, is what drew him in. 

He loves it, and plays right into it,” Bentley said. “Aww, I’m happy for you, Bentley,” Toya said. “Oh, no! Okay, I am happy for you, but Bentley, you’re the one who came up with this little experiment, and you’re already in love?” Gena said. Well, it worked for me, and it saved our date last night. 

I think that the overall take away for me is to lighten up and have fun. If you want different, you have to be different,” Bentley said. “So, why do I detect that you’re having second thoughts about James?” Gena said. “Ugh, because I’m going out with Donald tonight, okay? Dang,” I can’t hide anything from y’all,” Bentley said. 

“I knew it,” Toya said. “Well, I don’t know if the experiment worked for me or not. I mean, Apollo seems to be interested in more than just my body, but men will do anything to get the cookie, so I’m not sure yet, but being strong minded and witty, is definitely something I admire about you Bentley. I think that if I start setting boundaries and really focusing on starting my own business instead of thinking about a man, eventually the right one will come to me. That’s why for now, I’m just having fun, but not the old way, the new and improved way.

“Aww, that’s so sweet. Thank you, bestie,” Bentley said. “Yeah, I’m not sure if the experiment worked for me either, but being Gena has taught me to have way more confidence in myself, and if I am going to play, I need to play to win,” Toya said. “That’s right, friend. Aww, I love y’all,” Gena said. 

“Love y’all,” Toya and Bentley said. “Ladies, I think the experiment worked, it wasn’t about attracting a different type of guy, it was about changing things about ourselves that challenges us to be better women,” Bentley said. “Well, I still want to see where this goes. I’m down if you’re down, Toya,” Gena said. “I’m all in,” Toya said. 

“Okay, y’all have fun with that, but listen, I have an appointment at the nail salon. I need a pedicure, so I’ll talk to the two of you, later,” Bentley said. “Ouu, she’s getting her feet done for The Don. I ain’t mad at ya! I gotta go too though, there’s some things I need to do. 

Talk to y’all later,” Toya said. “Okay, talk to y’all later,” Gena said, before they all ended the call. Then Bentley immediately sent Toya a text. 

To: BFF Toya 🥳

You know, that I know you, right?

To: Bentley boss chick 🤗💰

(A GIF of Gary Coleman saying, “Whatchu talm bout Willis?”)

To: BFF Toya 🥳

Now who’s pretending?.. I know that you slept with Zoe. Are you sure that this isn’t a conflict of interest?

Toya left Bentley on read.

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