Speed dating. Part 3

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Immediately after Apollo stood with the other guys, it was go time. The hostess gave everyone a few seconds to get to their seats, which was in a different area. It was a good looking crowd, so group A had to separate from group B, so that there wouldn’t be any distractions. The ladies and gentlemen went in, like customers on Black Friday. They needed some entertainment, and I’m not talking TV’s and PlayStations. 

There was a DJ from a radio station who was playing some 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. He was live on air, encouraging more men to come out to the speed dating event. “Fellas, the ladies are, Hot! If y’all don’t get down here, I’m going to be taking all the honey’s home with me!” the DJ said. “Remember to be yourself, that’s the only way that you’re going to find the person who’s right for you,” the hostess said, before starting the timer. 

“Hmm. Yeah, right,” Toya thought, before she looked across the room at Gena and Bentley, who were thinking the same thing. They were all anxious to see how their little experiment would play out. Toya was excited to see Apollo, I mean the man is fine. Tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement. 

Toya kept reminding herself that she had Gena’s personality. Gena didn’t get excited about men… men got excited about Gena. So, Toya had to remember to be bougie. “Hey,” Apollo smiled. “Toya, right,” he said. 

“Umm, hello. I’m sorry, but do we know each other?” Toya said, knowing dang well, she remembered him. “Yeah, we umm. We met earlier, at the gym. “Oh, yeah…

Hi,” Toya said. “Hey. I noticed you when I first walked in, but you look different,” Apollo said. Did you do something to your hair?” he said. “Toya had to keep reminding herself that she was in character mode, but it was already more challenging than she thought. 

There was obviously chemistry, but following chemistry had never landed her a man, only a night of passion followed by a day of disappointment. So, she had to be Gena. Gena kept a man… I mean, men. “Oh, yeah. How embarrassing.

I can’t believe that I went out of the house with my hair like that, but I had to get my workout in,” Toya said. “Oh, well, I actually liked it. I love the natural look on you. I mean, I like this look too, but to me, your natural look was very attractive,” Apollo said. 

“Thank you,” Toya said. Truth is, Toya was natural, but she rocked all kinds of hairstyles. She was currently wearing a straight black 40 inch weave. She never wore her hair that long, but Gena does. Toya did appreciate Apollo’s compliment. 

He liked her as her natural self, that meant she could be her natural self with him, except she couldn’t. She and Apollo continued their conversation, and quickly their three minutes were up. The guys moved around. The ladies updated each other as much as they could in between. Twenty minutes in, and everything was going good so far.

This baller came and sat in front of Gena. He plays for the Atlanta Hawks. Most of the ladies there were hoping to bag him, but Gena had no worries. She bagged ballers, street ballers, doctors, street pharmacist, R&B singers, rappers, and even trappers, all the time. She was confident that he’d be hers, but the only thing was, she couldn’t hit him with the Gena smile that’s exclusively for guys of a certain social status.

She had to be Bentley, who showed people that she meant business, in the form of a resting b face. However, if a guy was deemed worthy, she’d open up. “What’s up, I’m Alonzo, but you can call me Zoe,” the baller said. Gena gave a soft smile, careful not to let the full Gena smile come out. “Hi, Alonzo, I’m Gena.”

Gena had to remind herself that Bentley was also witty. Gena wasn’t good at being witty. She never had to be. Her personality was her looks, for the most part. So, being Bentley, who had a complex personality, was a bit of a struggle for her. 

Although Gena knew that Zoe was a baller, she had to pretend she didn’t. Bentley didn’t know any ball players, but Gena could spot one a mile away. “So, Zoe… tell me about yourself,” Gena said, imitating Bentley, who questioned guys as if they were being interviewed for a position at her law firm. “Well, I play ball. I’ve been playing ball since I was a jit,” Zoe said. 

Gena cut him off, it was time for her to test her wits. “You play ball? Really? Me too,” she lied. Bentley played basketball in high school, but Gena has never played basketball. 

The only balls Gena has ever played with were attached to the bodies of ball players. “Oh, really? Professionally?” Zoe asked. “No, up the street, at the gym. Wait, you’re a professional ball player?” Gena said. 

“Yeah,” Zoe smiled. “I play for the Hawks,” he said. “Get out of here! I feel so embarrassed,” she said. “Don’t be. 

It’s okay. Not many women are into basketball, like that,” he said. “Or, maybe it’s just the team you play for,” Gena said. Zoe laughed, “Touché,” he said, before laughing again. “I can appreciate a beautiful woman with a good sense of humor. 

“Yes, I did it,” Gena thought to herself. Gena felt as if she could conquer the world. She and Zoe hit it off right away, but then their three minutes were up. Twenty more minutes had flown by, and Bentley had hit it off with a couple of people. Bentley was slaying the role of Toya, after all, a part of being a good lawyer was to put on a good act. 

It had gotten down to the last three minutes, and Apollo was now seated with Gena, Zoe was seated with Toya, and the brain surgeon from last night, sat in front of Bentley. “Where in the hell did you come from,” Bentley said, before realizing she was being herself, and not Toya. Toya would have been nice; at least until she found out why the guy was being a douche bag. “Hey, they sent me in here. The last guy’s baby’s mother came and dragged him out of here,” the guy said. 

“Really? I didn’t see or hear anything,” Bentley said. “The hostess didn’t want to disturb you all, so she told him privately, but when he came out, the woman started fighting him. “What?”Bentley said. “Yeah, I know. The ghetto,” he said. 

“See, that’s what I’m saying, Donald. You’re so quick to judge people,” Bentley said. “How is that judging people? The woman came in here being real ghetto,” he said. “And what about last night?” Bentley said. 

“What about last night?” Donald said. “You spent all night talking about yourself, and whenever I tried to tell you about my accomplishments, it was like you would find a way to top my accomplishments with yours. I didn’t know if we were trying to get to know each other, or if we were competing for some trophy for who had the most degrees or success. Then, the way that you talked to the waiter. You degraded the guy,” she said. 

“Listen, maybe I could have worded things better, but are you going to pretend that he wasn’t giving us the worst service? There were three couples who came in after us, and he served them before he even took our drink orders,” Donald said. “Yeah, but you still didn’t have to say, “You won’t get far with that attitude. Get comfortable with making $8.00 an hour, all of your life, loser.” I mean, what was that about?” Bentley said. 

“I’m sorry. I just feel like we got off to a bad start. I’m really not like that. I was just angry. I mean, I really like you. 

I wanted to impress you, but that moron,” he said, before Bentley cut him off with the clearing of her throat. “I mean… I mean… please can we just forget about last night, and start over?” Donald said. “Okay, you’ve got.” Beeeep! 

The buzzer went off. “Well, looks like you’re out of time. See ya!” Bentley said, with a wave, as Donald got up. “So, hopefully some love connections were made, huh?” People started clapping and cheering. 

“Good, I’m happy to hear that. Good news, more men did show up, we’ve already begun group B’s speed dating, but if you all want to wait around, and maybe mingle with the people you didn’t get to meet, then you’re more than welcomed to. They should be done in half an hour. If you don’t want to wait around, that’s fine to, but if you came for a love connection, you’d better shoot your shot, before someone else does it before you. Thank you all for attending our first speed dating event” the hostess said.

Bentley, Gena, and Toya was leaving, when Donald asked Bentley if he could talk to her. Bentley told Gena and Toya to give her a minute. “What Donald?” Bentley said.  Bentley realized that she hadn’t been Toya at all with Donald. He just made her so upset, she couldn’t fake  it. 

“Bentley, let me make it up to you. Let me take you out tonight. If I ruin it again, you don’t ever have to worry about me bothering you again,” he said. “Sorry, I have a date tonight,” Bentley said. “Okay, well tomorrow night,” Donald said. 

“I’ll call you,” Bentley said. “Is that a yes,” Donald said. “It’s a, I’ll call you,” Bentley said. “Okay, I’ll take it,” Donald said. Bentley smiled and rolled her eyes, “Bye,” she said, before walking away.

“Girl, you really like him, huh?” Gena said. “Girl, that’s Donald from last night. “That’s the date from hell?” Toya said. “Girl yes,” Bentley said. “Hell, does he have a brother?” Toya said.

Bentley laughed, “Girl, come on. Let’s go. “I’m just saying, he’s fine, fine! He can give me brain any day,” Toya said. “Toya,” Bentley said. 

“I mean, he can check out my brain any day,” Toya said. “Aht aht,” Bentley said. “What? Girl, you know I be having headaches a lot,” Toya said. “You’re a whole headache yourself,” Bentley said, before unlocking her car doors, and opening the driver’s door.

“Get in the car, silly,” Bentley said. “Damn,” Toya said, as she smiled and waved at Donald. He waved back. “Bentley, you better not snooze on The Don, baby. If you do, I’m in there, or he’s in me,” Toya said.

“Be my guest,” Bentley said. “Okay, well stop the car,” Toya said. Bentley kept driving past Donald. The three friends shared a laugh. “Bentley, stop capin’ you like that man. 

You really like him,” Gena said. “Whatever,” Bentley said. 

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