Speed dating. Part 2

It’s 6 am and Toya’s currently at the gym, running on the treadmill. Her headphones are turned up, and she’s listening to “Thee Savvy Entrepreneur Podcast.” “Hey, you dropped this,” a man said, while picking up her sweat rag off the floor. Toya couldn’t hear him though. She was too engaged in the podcast and running like she was training for a half marathon. 

The guy got in front of the treadmill and waved his hand and held up her rag with the other hand. She noticed him and slowed down the treadmill and took out her headphones. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” she told the man. “Oh, no worries. Does this belong to you?” he said. 

“Yes,” she said, before grabbing the cloth. “Thank you,” she said. “No problem. “I’m Apollo,” he said. “Hi, Apollo. 

I’m Satoya, but my friends call me Toya. “Nice to meet you, Toya,” he said. Toya smiled. “We’re friends?” she asked. “I hope so,” Apollo said. “I did rescue your rag from being another sweat cloth in the lost and found,” he said. 

“Eww, they have sweat rags in the lost and found?”Toya said. Apollo laughed. “Yes, you’d be surprised at all the things they have in there. One time, I lost my keys, and someone turned them in to the lost and found. When I went to get my keys, all kinds of things were in there. 

Things like underwear, socks and everything else,” Apollo said. “Eww, what the hell?” Toya said, with a laugh. “I know,” Apollo said. “Well, thanks for the rag, but I have to go,” Toya said. 

“Okay, but what were you listening to?” Apollo said. “Huh?” Toya said. “On your headphones… What were you listening to?” Apollo said. “Oh, a podcast for Entrepreneurs,” she said. 

“Wow, you’re into podcasts?” he asked. “I am. Especially if it’s giving me good business tips,” Toya said. “Well, I have a podcast myself,” Apollo said, before giving Toya his business card. She looked at it. 

“You have a Hip Hop podcast?” she said. “Yeah, but every Monday we have a financial specialist come in and give business and financial tips. You should check it out,” he said. “Okay, I will,” she said. “Nice to meet you, Toya. 

Hope to see you soon,” Apollo said. Toya smiled, “nice to meet you as well.” Apollo was watching her booty as she walked out the gym. “I bet he’s looking at my booty,” Toya thought. She turned around and he waved goodbye. 

She smiled and waved back. “He wanna cut… Not going to happen,” she thought to herself. She called Gena and woke her up. “Hello,” Gena said, still sleepy. 

“Wake up, sleepy head! I’m coming over your house to get my wardrobe ready for our afternoon shenanigans,” Toya said. “Girl, you have a key. Just come and get what you want,” Gena said. “Okay, I’m on my way,” Toya said. 

“K, bye,” Gena said. “Byeee,” Toya said. Toya then called Bentley. “Hello,” Bentley said, she was also in bed. “Girl, wake up!

Do you want me to bring you an outfit for this afternoon?” Toya said. “Toya,” Bentley said. “Huh?” “Toya, it’s not even seven o’clock yet. Why are you up, and furthermore, why do you have so much energy?” Bentley said. 

“Girl, wake up! You and Gena have gotten me excited about today, and both of y’all are still in bed,” Toya said. “Toya, we still have another six hours. Again, why are you up? “Shoot, girl. 

I have an appointment at the salon in an hour. I’m leaving the gym right now though, then I’m stopping by Gena’s to get something cute. Do you want me to bring you some clothes? You can’t channel my full energy unless you’re in full costume,” Toya said. Bentley laughed. 

“Full costume, huh? Girl, you are crazy. Bring the costume, I mean clothes, clown,” Bentley said. “K, byeee,” Toya said. Then Toya went by her house to shower and then she grabbed an outfit and shoes for Bentley and went over to Gena’s. 

She got an outfit and shoes from Gena’s and then she rushed to drop off Bentley’s outfit. She had to call her stylist, because she was running late. “Toya, girl. If you aren’t here in the next ten minutes, I can’t promise you anything. You know how it is on Saturday mornings. 

I’m practically booked all day,” her stylist said. “I’ll be there in less than ten minutes, I promise,” Toya said. Toya got to the salon at 8:12! Her stylist was already working on someone else’s hair and she had someone else booked after that. “Denise!” Toya said. 

“What girl, I told you that I would wait ten minutes,” Denise said. “Denise really, it’s 8:12, come on!” Then Toya said to the woman who was getting her hair done, “I’m getting married today, can I please go before you?” she lied. “Married?” Denise said. “Shhh,” Toya said, putting her index finger over her mouth and giving Denise a wide eyed look. 

Denise smiled and gave Toya a wide eyed look back. “Why, yes dear. I won’t get in the way of love,” the older woman said. Then the older woman gave her a small New Testament Bible and told Toya that she and her soon to be husband should visit her church sometimes. “Thank you. 

God bless you,” Toya said, as she took the Bible and the lady got up out of the seat. “Mrs. Gladys, I’ll be with you in a moment,” Denise said. “Okay, baby,” Mrs. Gladys said, as she went to the waiting area. “You’re going to hell,” Denise laughed. “Girl, I’ve been there.

He had a secret wife and six kids, no thanks,” Toya said. Denise laughed, “Come on crazy, let me wash your hair.” Later on, Bentley brought Gena an outfit. Gena fell in love with how the sophisticated and sexy dress pant outfit hugged her curves. Bentley wore one of Toya’s Maxi dresses.

The hours seemed to fly by, and the ladies were now at the cafe. The host laid down the ground rules. Everyone had three minutes to make their first impression, their best impression. The ladies would stay seated, while the men moved from chair to chair. There were twice as many women there than men, but that didn’t discourage any of the ladies. 

They came with their A game on. Because there wasn’t enough guys, Toya was set to go the next hour, with the second round of women. “Wait, hold on. I just got a message that one more guy is coming. He’s pulling into the parking lot now. 

Toya, you’ll get to go this round.” “Thanks,” Toya smiled, already in Gena mode. The guy walked in, and the hostess took him to the side, to give him a quick run down on how the game works. Toya was busy putting lip gloss on her lips and making sure that her hair and makeup was flawless (something Gena would do). Then looked down to adjust the satin body-con dress that she was wearing, when she looked up, she noticed that the late guy was Apollo.

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