I f’ed up…

So, many of my supporters had been asking, “Why don’t you do the voiceover for your short stories?” Truth is, I didn’t have time, but I make time now, however… it comes with a struggle. If you only knew what I had to go through just to complete the voiceover. I won’t tell all, but I will say that one of the struggles is, what happens after I write the story. I transfer it to my podcast where I have two options, let the computer read my story or I read it perfectly, or spend all day re-recording until it’s perfect.

Now, editing is one thing. I’m fine with editing. I can edit and produce a perfect voice over copy any day. I’m currently in school for Broadcasting, so I’ve learned a great deal on how to produce a quality copy… however, spending a lot of time re-recording is a different story. I am not at the point of delivering a perfect copy, first or second try.

I can however, edit two recordings into a perfect copy, but that will take time too. Time that I will have to make time for, and I will have to go about uploading it to my podcast a different way. Anyway, I said all of that to say, I made a few mistakes in my read on my last short story that I posted. Guess what I did? I kept going, as if I didn’t. lol

How will this make me look? Human, I hope. I will do better, eventually, but right now, I think it’s great to show that side of myself. Although I’m in school for Broadcasting, this shows that no matter what training we have, no matter who we are, or what people know us as… we don’t always have it together! We make mistakes, and that’s okay, to show the world your flaws.

Your vulnerability will help someone else embrace their flaws, and inspire them to fix what they can, and accept what they can’t. I’m not a perfectionist, but I do want to deliver quality content, so, the next part of my current short story will be edited, until I get it just right. It may take longer for me to upload it to my podcast, because again, I have a lot going on, and I’m going about uploading it, a different way, but it will be of better quality. So, as with anything I do, there’s a message. The message here is, don’t be afraid to screw up, and don’t be afraid to fail.

If or when you make a mistake, keep going, as if you didn’t. Learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. No one knows the personal struggles you face, while trying to accomplish your dreams, but if you can overcome the struggles you face in order to make the dream happen, you can overcome the struggles you face once you’ve achieved it. It’s all a matter of your mindset. Also, I think that I’ve shared this before, but my comfort zone is writing, not speaking, but I have a feeling that God is taking me out of a comfort zone for a reason! Lol

Broadcasting was never my plan, but they say, “if you want God to laugh, tell him your plans.” 😅 Anyway, love you! I really hope this helps somebody! ❤️ Be blessed, and oh, check out my podcast here! ⤵︎ 😁

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