Speed Dating: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. Part 1

You can listen here⤵︎

New Message

To: Satoya that’s my best friend Perkins 👯‍♀️

Hey girl, what you doing?

To: Gena my chick badd 🍑😍Bailey

Hey boo! Girl, nothing really. Just sipping on some wine that tastes like NyQuil, and watching some crazy movie… Wyd?

Gena: Typing…

Group Message 

To: BFF Toya 🥳, BFF Gena 🥵

Bentley Morris: Why are men so predictable?

Toya: Hey girl! I have the slightest idea, but when you find out, let me know!

Gena: What happened?

Bentley: Why do I keep attracting the same type of man! It’s like the exact same person in a different body! I’m giving up on dating at this point. For some reason, all the guys who approach me, are the arrogant “I’ve got a degree” types. Like, I could literally, care less about how many degrees you have. Don’t get me wrong, I think that getting a degree is admirable, but when you start to think you’re better than everyone else in the world, because you have a degree or two, or three… then Houston, there’s a problem.

Gena: Girl, I know exactly, what you mean. I attract the same type of men for some reason too. They all try to impress me with their money… like flexing their cash is going to get my attention.

Bentley: It kinda does, Gena! Don’t act like you don’t go where the cash is at! Lol

Toya: Yeah, Gena… you do give off high maintenance vibes though, sis! You can’t even blame them… at least they’re throwing cash at you. The only thing they throw at me is 🍆… 🥴


Bentley: 😂 Girl, I literally just spit out my drink.

Toya: Sorry boo. What are you sipping on over there? 👀 Hopefully it tastes better than this NyQuil I’m over here sipping.

Bentley: Oh no! You’re sick?

Toya: Girl no, sick of these dudes… I mean, I can see why certain guys are attracted to y’all… Gena, you’re like the baddest! 😍 And Bentley, you’re both beauty and brains. 🤩📚 Can someone please explain to me, why I always get the short end of the stick… literally!

Gena: Aht Aht, bestie. Don’t even do that! You’re a baddie too, and you have your own successful business.

Bentley: Yeah, Toya! You know you’re hot! 🥵 I think you may attract those types because you give off mad masculine vibes, sis! Men love feminine energy.

Toya: Wtf?

Gena: Oop!

Bentley: No, no! I’m not trying to insult you! Please, hear me out. You give off a strong independent woman vibe… and there’s nothing wrong with being strong and independent; we all are. But sis, come on… you only want men for sex really. Maybe you give off, “let’s have a good time, but don’t call me tomorrow, energy.” 😭

Toya: 😐😒

Gena: *sends GIF of woman sipping tea*

Bentley: Am I lying though?

Toya: I hate it when you’re right. Damn!

Bentley: 😬

Gena: So, listen ladies. This is what I was about to text you about earlier, Toya.

Bentley: Oh, so the two of you are texting each other behind my back! Okay, I see how it is!

Toya: Girl, calm down! We thought you were out on your date with Mr. Brain surgeon. Anyway, Gena, spit it out girl!

Bentley: I guess… anyway, yes! Tell us! We’re all ears!

Gena: We should go to this Speed Dating event at the Cafe tomorrow. I think it’ll be fun! There will be all types of guys there… Who knows… maybe we’ll get something different. Wanna go?

Toya: Girl, I don’t know. I’m getting impatient with it already.

Gena: Toya! How are you going to be impatient and it’s literally called, “Speed dating.”

Toya: Girl, that’s all I do is speed date. Thank you next, me please!

Gena: OMG!! 😭

Bentley: See! Lol I told you! I think it’s a great idea, actually. After this date from hell tonight, I could use a welcoming change. You know I’m always down to try something new! Come on, Toya! It could be refreshing!

Toya: Refreshing? Girl, you’re making it sound like a 7up commercial or something… I don’t know. It sounds a little dehydrated to me… It’s giving thirsty vibes… 😕

Gena: 😩 Why are you like this?

Toya: You still love me though! 🥰

Bentley: Hey, I have an idea. What if we traded personalities for the event. 

Gena: Huh?

Toya: Come again?

Bentley: Listen, we can all trade places. I think it will be fun, and it will get us out of our comfort zone. Maybe our comfort zone is keeping us attracted to the same type of men?

Toya: Girl, so I go from a guy trying to impress me with his wood, to him trying to impress me with his car, or his career??? Hell, sign me up! At least the dingaling will have money attached to it. 

Bentley: Yay!

Gena: Girl, you’re crazy… but if it’s a yes, I’ll take it.

Bentley: So, Toya… You take Gena’s personality. Gena, you take my personality, and I take Toya’s.

Gena: Oh, Lord. This is going to be interesting…

Toya: Right.

Bentley: It’s only for a day… well, not even a day. A couple of hours at the most.

Toya: Are we dressing for the role too? I’ve been waiting to shop in Gena’s closet for months now! 😅😂😂

Gena: 🤦🏾‍♀️ lol

Bentley: Yep! We’re doing full character mode. The only thing we’re keeping is our names.

Gena: Okie dokie! So, it’s a date! I mean! Y’all know what I mean! See y’all tomorrow! 

Bentley: Goodnight. Love y’all.

Toya: Okay, goodnight. Love y’all too!

Gena: Love y’all, goodnight!

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