Grey sweat pants.

Those grey sweatpants give me tunnel vision-

I’m trying to read the shades of grey, but in the meantime, what’s the business?-

Scrolling through dating sites trying to find the one-

To the left, to the left, nah, that ain’t the one-

I’m tapping more X’s than exes get tapped-

Even with a roster, there’s room for loneliness-

cause faked connections just to be connected, just leaves you empty inside, honestly-

I know that the one who’s for me, is looking for me, so God, can you put him on the map?-

Like a friendly hand to the shoulder, can you give him a tap?-

Tried to get that old thing back that left me with no heart-

but what’s the use of trying to get my heart back, if I’m gon’ wear it on my sleeve-

Although I have my guard up, love is what I need-

Are you patient enough to deal with my complexities-

Someone who understands me on a spiritual level is a necessity-I love hard, but I can be toxic-

Sometimes I want to argue, but I need someone who shuts it down before it turns into an argument-

I need you to give me space without running from it-

Come scoop me up like my name mint chocolate-

We can ride through the city at night-

high off each other’s vibe, beneath the city’s lights-

Not trying to come off as needy-

but if need be, I don’t have no shame, cause this is where you oughta be-

in the meantime, I’m listening to some R&B-

sipping red wine, and singing off key-

coolin’ like a fan-

thinking about them grey sweatpants.

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