The Surrogate: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. (Final part)


After waiting in the waiting area for two hours, the doctor came and told me that Davi had a high fever and she still hadn’t woke up. He assured me that he was doing all he could to get the fever down. He told me that he was running some tests, and he would keep me updated soon. I thanked him and then I went to go sit down. Harold was getting off the elevator with two coffees in his hands. 

“What did the doctor say?” he said, before handing me a coffee. “Thanks,” I said, before giving him the update. “How’s the baby?” I asked. “She’s fine. She’s perfect. 

Lucy sent me this video earlier,” Harold said, before taking his phone out of his jacket pocket and showing me a video of Lucy rocking their baby girl to sleep. I smiled. “She hasn’t put her down for hours, huh?” I said. “No she hasn’t,” he said with a smile, as he admired his wife and baby girl in the video. 

Immediately I began to feel sad. Tears ran down my face. I quickly rubbed my eyes with one hand. “Sorry,” I said. “No, don’t be,” Harold said, before holding my hand. 

“I understand,” he said. He grabbed me a few Kleenex from the table beside him. “Thanks,” I said, before wiping the tears from my eyes. “No problem,” he said. My phone rang, it was Lucas, calling to get an update.

After four hours, the doctor returned. I tried to read his facial expression, but it was neither happy nor sad. My heart dropped. “God please, let my baby be okay,” I thought to myself. I stood up to get the news. 

“She’s awake,” the doctor said. “Yes,” I yelled as loud as I could, disturbing other visitors. “I’m sorry,” I said, before crying tears of joy, and thanking God with my hands in the air. “That’s good news,” I said. The doctor didn’t say anything. 

“Wait, what aren’t you telling me?” I asked him. “She does have inflammation on the brain,” he said. “What? How did this happen? Will she be okay?” I said. 

“She will,” the doctor said. “Oh, thank God. How did she get inflammation on her brain?” I asked. The doctor asked if he could speak to me alone. I told Harold that I would be right back. 

I followed the doctor down the hallway, a few feet from Davi’s room. “What is it doctor? You’re scaring me,” I said. “Davi has HSV 2. Sometimes, the virus can cause a rare infection called encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain due to an infection. It can result in seizures,” he said. “What? 

So it wasn’t due to high blood pressure?” I said. “No,” the doctor said, with a shake of his head. “But Davi’s medical history is clean. How can she have herpes all of a sudden? Wouldn’t it have shown up on other tests she’s taken before now?” I asked. 

“Sometimes, there isn’t enough of the virus to be detected,” he said. “So, what does this mean for Davi? Will she be able to have kids in the future?” I said. “Yes, she will, and they’ll be fine. She will have to take her meds everyday though. 

She can still live a healthy life. I’ve discussed all of this with her, but she wanted me to tell you,” he said. “Thanks,” I said. “You’re welcome, and you can visit her now,” he said, with a smile. “Thanks again,” I said. 

“No problem,” he said, before walking away. I went inside and rushed to Davi’s bed to hug her. She reached for me, and we both cried. I wiped her eyes, and then held her again, even tighter than before. Then I sat on the bed and held her hand, with both of my hands. 

“God, I thought that I’d lost you,” I said. “I know, mom. I’m just grateful to still be here,” Davi said. “Mom, I had no idea. I have never had any symptoms or anything,” Davi said. 

“Are you okay?” I said. “Yes, I’m fine,” she said. “Do you want me to go get Harold? He’s in the waiting room,” I said. “Sure. 

I need to tell him what’s going on. I want to make sure that the baby is fine,” Davi said. “Are you sure? The baby is fine. The doctor has already ran tests on her, and she’s going to be okay,” I said.

“She didn’t have any problems,” Davi said. “No, she’s perfect,” I said. Davi smiled. “I think that I should still tell them what’s going on. It’s the right thing to do,” Davi said. 

I went to get Harold, and he was happy that Davi was awake again. Davi told him the news. He thanked her for trusting him enough to tell him. We all talked for a while, and then Harold went home. I stayed with Davi at the hospital.

The doctor needed to monitor her for a few more days. After Davi came back to the Peterson’s for a day, I flew back to North Carolina. Davi stayed in LA until after her six week checkup, and then she flew back home. She finally decided to do something with her Bachelor of administration degree. She opened her own surrogacy agency. 

Five years later, Davi got married, and she had a healthy baby boy. She still keeps in touch with the Peterson’s. Lucy’s cancer had been in remission for five years, and the doctors declared that she was cured.

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