The Surrogate: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. Part 3

“I feel like I’m giving life and love. Love is just as precious as life. Both are eternal, and cannot be destroyed, only transferred. I don’t feel like I’m losing anything by giving. I didn’t know my purpose in life for a long time, and I would have never thought I’d be a surrogate for anyone, but being able to give is the ultimate blessing. 

I’ve learned that life isn’t just about receiving, it’s about giving, because when you give from a genuine place, you receive so much more in life. Your joy is complete, you have peace no matter what, and you feel like you’re a necessary part of the world,” Davi told a couple, who was interviewing her to be their surrogate, via FaceTime. “Well, we love you already. We’d like to fly you to L.A. to get started right away. We do ask that you live with us during the duration of the pregnancy, because we want to experience everything,” the woman named Lucy, said. 

“Sure, I’d love that,” Davi said. “Great, Harold and I will be in touch soon,” Lucy said. “Bye now,” Harry said, and as he waved. “See you both soon,” Davi said. “Bye, bye,” Lucy said, with a smile. 

“Oh my goodness! Mom can you believe this?” Davi rushed down the hall into the nursery where I was sitting on the floor playing with the twins, who were now crawling around everywhere, and pulling up on anything that helped them stand. Lucas jr. and Logan, got into everything. I had forgotten just how much babies could tear up a house. 

“Whoa, it looks like a tornado of toys fell in here,” Davi said. “Hi guys,” Davi waved at the babies. Logan crawled to her and pulled himself up using her pajama pants. She picked him up. Good morning, baby brother. 

Big sis has some good news,” she said, with a huge smile. I stood up. “What is it?” She gave me the details about her moving to L.A. to become a surrogate. “Wow, that’s pretty exciting news, honey!

Congratulations,” I said. Within two weeks, Davi was in L.A. for the next eleven months. I was happy for her, but I missed her. She keeps me updated and things had been all good for the first couple of months, until Lucy’s doctor gave her six months to live. Lucy had been battling cancer for years, and last year a surgery was performed on her pelvis that prevented her from having kids.

The twins first birthday was coming up, and I want Davi to be here. I asked her to see if she could fly home for the weekend. She said that she would see what she could do, because she needed to get away. Not that she was treated badly, but there was a overwhelming sadness that filled the house, despite Lucy and Harold’s attempts to be happy. I know how hard it is to see the silver lining when you’re going through the rain. All you can see is the storm.

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