The Surrogate: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. part 2

“Mom, can you believe he was married with kids,” Davi said. “Well, that explains why he wanted to keep things casual at thirty eight. I mean, what man or woman pushing forty, wants to play the field? No one our age has time for that. We’re close to retirement. 

We want to build, create families, and legacies. There’s nothing out there in those streets,” I said. “You’re right. It’s nothing out there, and I’ve been around the block a few times,” Davi said. “A few times?” I said, jokingly. 

“Okay, maybe a few more times, but on the real mom, why is it so hard to find love? You are lucky. You found love twice,” Davi said. “Trust me, I wasn’t looking for it. After your dad and I got a divorce, I said that I am not getting married ever again, but Lucas came into my life, and the rest was history. 

God blessed me with him, which is why I’m going to make a compromise, and give him a baby,” I said. “What? That’s awesome, but wait. Isn’t there too many risks involved,” Davi said. “Oh, it is, which is why we’re using a surrogate.” 

“Really? Mom, that’s awesome. You know, I’ve been looking into becoming a surrogate too. Do you know that a friend of mine in California made 85,000 as a surrogate mother?” “Really?” I said. 

“Yeah, I was thinking about doing it. I mean, it’s good money, why not? I’ve done my research, and I’m going to do it,” Davi said. “What are the rates here in North Carolina though?” I asked. “Not as much as Cali, that’s for sure. 

It would be nice to be a surrogate for a celebrity couple in LA, but I’m not going to LA anytime soon. Hey, I have an idea, and I know that this may sound crazy, but hear me out… What if I carried the baby for you,” Davi said, with excitement. “You mean, you’d be the surrogate?” I said. “Sure, why not?” she said. 

“Ehh, I don’t know Davi,” I said. “Well think about it mom. Talk it over with Lucas and get back to me,” she said. Her phone buzzed, “Oh, my Lyft is here. I gotta go. 

I probably won’t be back tonight, but I’ll see you tomorrow,” Davi said. “Okay, be safe. Love you,” I said. “Love you too, old woman,” Davi said, as she headed towards the door. “Bye youngin’,” I said, with a smile.

That was a lot to think about. I love my daughter, but I don’t know if she’s ready to take on that type of responsibility. I talked it over with Lucas and he thought it was a great idea. So, I guess we’re doing it.  We went through all the procedures, and within two months, Davi was pregnant with me and Lucas’ baby. 

We decided on gestational surrogacy with IVF. This type of surrogacy was double the cost of traditional surrogacy, but this was the best option for me and Lucas. We were so excited. Two weeks after the pregnancy was confirmed, me, Davi, and Lucas went to Davi’s follow up appointment, and there were twin boys. Lucas was thrilled.

I was happy, but not thrilled. Davi was shocked, excited, and scared. Over the next nine months, I saw my daughter mature in more ways than one. She had a glow about her that wasn’t just a pregnancy glow, but it was as if she had found her purpose. She loved carrying the twins. 

She was so bubbly and full of life, it was as if she had found her happy place. Six weeks after she had the twins, she told me that she wanted to be a surrogate for other couples. She saw how much joy it brought to me and Lucas, and she wanted to share that with other families. I was amazed at how her perspective had changed. It wasn’t about the money anymore, it was about the fulfillment she felt. 

“I just feel like before the twins, my life was a series of getting my hopes up and being let down, mixed with a lot of turn ups and even more let downs,” Davi said. “I understand,” I said. “I can’t explain the fullness I have knowing that I helped give you life. All I’ve ever wanted was to give you the world. You are literally, the best mom, and I know that I did a lot of things in my past that made you sad, but it was never about you mom, it was my way of trying to cope with you and dad’s divorce. 

I was a mess; drinking at thirteen, having sex at fourteen, sneaking out and coming home late or the following morning at fifteen… I put you through hell, and dad wasn’t here to help you with me,” Davi cried. All I ever wanted was for him to be here,” she cried. I was glad that my baby was finally getting everything out. I’ve always known the reasons behind why she did what she did, but she never expressed her feelings until now. 

She never wanted to go to counseling, and I wasn’t going to force her. I’ve always told her that when she’s ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen. I’m so glad that she has finally released everything that’s been built up inside of her for the past eleven years. I support Davi’s decision to be a surrogate, because I know the fulfillment she gets from giving. They say that God works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that by Davi giving something she felt as if she didn’t have, would bring her the very things her soul was craving. 

It’s true. The energy you put out, will be returned. She has given so much love and life, even during a time when she didn’t feel loved or when she couldn’t see the beauty in life. She made a sacrifice for me, even though she was emotionally going through her own thing. When we think of others more than ourselves, God rewards us for that.

I’m not sure where this journey will take Davi, but I am happy to be along for the ride.

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